I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 005

Chapter 05: Giving Money

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The time Xue Jue got to know Zu Qi had not been that long, but if one had to think about it, it had been more than half a year. He knew what kind of person Zu Qi was — conceited and snobbish, and he would do whatever he could to climb up.

These negative characteristics of Zu Qi had long been deeply imprinted in Xue Jue’s heart, so he would never have expected that Zu Qi would actually take the initiative to break up.

Or was this just Zu Qi’s cheap trick to retreat in order to advance?

Xue Jue did not understand, but right now, he didn’t want to be distracted and put too much energy into such a trivial matter. Soon he noticed that Zu Qi was dressed like a variegated butterfly and immediately, he knitted his brows tightly.

“Did you come here dressing like this?”

“Otherwise?” Zu Qi, with his eyes curved into crescent shape, chuckled softly. He indifferently raised his hand to pull and show his clothes, “Since we are going to talk about such an important thing as breaking up, of course I have to wear my favorite clothes. What do you think? Do I look good?”

After speaking, Zu Qi stood up humbly, and deliberately turned slowly in front of Xue Jue a few times.

After he turned around, he saw Xue Jue’s face turned blue with anger, and the low air pressure exuding from his body was almost condensed into substance. Zu Qi’s smile couldn’t help but become even brighter.

*(T/N: face turned blue with anger (气得脸都青了) - an expression used for saying someone is upset or angry. It’s not that the face really turns blue in color and used this to say when someone is feeling anger and hatred.)

(E/N: not like literally hahahaha)

“Look! You don’t like what I like, and I can’t help you with your work. We are really not suitable for each other.”

Zu Qi’s tone gradually became serious, and he stared at Xue Jue who was wearing a gloomy expression, then he said in all seriousness: “If you’re worried that it will damage you and your Xue Family’s reputation after our break up, then you may as well put all the blame on me, even if you say that I take the money and run away, it’s Ok with me. I don’t mind.”

‘I’m about to lose my life very soon, how could I still care about reputation, fame and shame?’ 

As long as he was still alive, money could be earned slowly, reputation could also be built slowly, and he and the little boy in his belly still had a lifetime of time to slowly while-away the time.

Zu Qi tried to persuade Xue Jue from the bottom of his heart, but Xue Jue sneered disdainfully: “Of course you don’t care. If you care, you wouldn’t have drugged me.”

Zu Qi: “.......”

Oh, he seemed to remember it. The novel did write in a few words about it. “Zu Qi” putting those kind of very strong medicine* into Xue Jue’s glass at the banquet, and then took advantage of the opportunity to help Xue Jue go upstairs to rest, they had a spring night** once then.

*(T/N: I think everyone would know what kind of medicine.
** Again, everyone would probably know what kind of ‘spring night’ they had.)

(E/N: hahaha)

That blow was a direct hit.......

Hey, he really had to blame the original owner for doing all those absurd things. Now, he was talking about the break up wearing the original owner’s body, it was really as if he was acting unreasonable or throwing a tantrum in other people’s eyes.

Xue Jue couldn’t help but curl up a bit of mockery when he saw Zu Qi’s appearance as if being caught up in the middle of something that had been weighing on his mind, distracted and speechless.

“The Xue family is not a place for you to come and leave as you want. Don’t forget that there are countless pairs of eyes staring at us behind our backs. Today, you’ve shown your face in front of many people. Then, everything about you and all of your shortcomings will be completely dug out and exposed tomorrow. At that time, even if you run to the ends of the world, you can never hide away.”

Xue Jue’s speaking voice was not loud, but every word carried an irresistible momentum, which forced Zu Qi to retreat steadily. The self-confidence he had just now when he thought he could persuade the other party disappeared without a trace in an instant. 

Zu Qi froze in place, his mouth opened and closed, but he didn’t know what to say.

Xue Jue glanced at the time on the wristwatch, and then picked up the phone to make a call.

Before long, Zu Qi’s cell phone buzzed and vibrated twice, and text messages came in.

He unconsciously unlocked the phone and opened the mailbox, and soon he saw a new text message ——

His bank card had received 10 million yuan.....

“Zu Qi.” Xue Jue suddenly called him, his face was cold and stern, and his pitch-black eyes seemed to be condensed with something, from which the cold air slowly overflowed, and the atmosphere completely turned chilly and desolate. “Living a life in luxury or the days to live in poverty? The choice is yours.”

Now even if Zu Qi was a fool, he could hear the threat hidden behind Xue Jue’s words.

Now he was just the 18th-tier little star who was at the very bottom level in the entertainment industry. Without the support of family and friends, and without sufficient financial resources and power to back up, it would be as easy and simple as squeezing an ant to death if Xue Jue wanted to deal with him.

After hesitating again and again, Zu Qi decided to compromise for the time being. He put away his phone and smiled faintly at Xue Jue: “Then, thank you for your ten million.”

Xue Jue looked indifferent. He ignored Zu Qi and instead ordered the assistant who was standing on the side like a transparent person all along, to go out and call for the next person to come in.

Before leaving, Zu Qi suddenly thought of something, and turned around and asked, “By the way, do you know Xiao Senxu and Yu Meitong?”

Xue Jue was looking at the computer, and when he heard the words, he raised his head and frowned, “Who?”

“Xiao Senxu and Yu Meitong.” Once again, Zu Qi patiently repeated the names of the two which were also the names of the male lead and the female lead of the novel.

“I don’t know.” Xue Jue said as he turned his gaze back to the computer screen, as if he didn’t want to communicate with Zu Qi anymore.

Zu Qi shrugged his shoulders, no longer wanting to seek trouble, he turned around and followed Xiao Ya out.

That group of people was still waiting outside. Some of them were chatting quietly when they heard the abrupt creak of the door being pushed open. When they looked up, they saw Zu Qi slowly come out while holding his protruding belly. 

For a moment, everyone suddenly quieted down, paying attention to Zu Qi in unison.

After their figures disappeared around the corner, the people who seemed to have been quieted down as stone statues just now suddenly started talking.

“I don’t think he is not favored like the rumors. President Xue is still working inside, but he just pushed in and entered the room. According to President Xue’s temper, he should have been driven out long ago.”

“Maybe President Xue always does really like him? After all, that person doesn’t look bad.”

“No matter how good he looks, what’s the use? I heard that his previous reputation in the entertainment industry is not very good. Do you know about Shi Hao? It seems that he has followed Shi Hao for a while......”

That person was only halfway through the gossip, and was suddenly interrupted by the assistant coughing.

He felt annoyed at once, and just about to tell the assistant by his side to go to another place to cough; in the next second, from the corner of his eyes, he suddenly saw the door in front of him was opened since he didn’t know when, and a long figure stood in the middle.

“President Zhang is in good spirits today. Why don’t we throw a tea party and slowly talk about it?” Xue Jue curled up the corners of his mouth with a smile, yet his eyes were so cold as if they were covered with a layer of frost.

President Zhang suddenly seemed to have met King Yama*, with a frightened expression and a cold sweat on his forehead. He trembled and said: “It’s not like that, President Xue. Please listen to me. I’ll explain......”

(E/N: King Yama also known as king of hell)

“No need to explain.” Xue Jue raised his hand and interrupted President Zhang’s words, 

“That’s it for today. Everyone has a hard time coming here. Please go back.”

After that, Xue Jue turned and entered the room.

The other people who were just watching the excitement showed panic expressions, rushing up to stop Xue Jue, but unfortunately they were all blocked by Xue Jue’s assistant.

The door slammed shut, leaving the desperate group of people staring at each other. After a while, everyone vented their anger on President Zhang, who was loose-tongued yet looking for trouble.

President Zhang silently accepted everyone’s accusations, knowing that he would have difficulty even entering Xue Family Resort in the future. He felt very regretful, and really wanted to give himself two slaps to his own big mouth.

Zu Qi returned to the poolside and lay on the sun lounger to enjoy the cool breeze. He asked Xiao Ya to inquire about the news of President Bai, and then, he went in and out of the Space a few times while waiting.

He remembered that the first time he entered the space was in front of Steward Zhang. He stayed in the Space for about ten minutes at the time. After coming out, unexpectedly, he actually did not arouse Steward Zhang’s suspicion.

This time Zu Qi paid special attention to the time on the phone and found that there was a certain time difference between the Space and reality. Ten minutes in the Space equaled one second in reality.

Two hours after Xiao Ya left, she ran back out of breath. This period of time was enough for Zu Qi to enter the space to pick a large handful of wild chrysanthemums and sleep leisurely.

“Madam, I’ve inquired!” Xiao Ya wiped the sweat from her face, and said the news she had inquired like pouring beans. “Bai Guangjian is the chairman of Huayi Film Company. Recently, his work pressure has increased and it greatly affected his health. It is getting worse day by day, so he came here to recuperate. It seems that he would go fishing in the lake every morning.”

Zu Qi asked, “Which lake?”

Xiao Ya pointed out in a direction: “It is the Yue Liang Lake behind us. The scenery is super beautiful and the air is very fresh. If you would like to, I will take you for a stroll around the lake tomorrow.”

Zu Qi smiled and said, “Then,  tomorrow in the morning, I happen to have something to talk to President Bai.”

Xiao Ya was very curious about what ‘something’ Zu Qi, a pregnant man who usually did not go out in normal days, had to find the boss of the film production company. While she hesitated over making another quick inquiry, Zu Qi ordered her to bring the handful of wild chrysanthemums on the ground into the room.

Xiao Ya was attracted by the small yellow velvet-like flowers, and it didn’t take long for her to forget about inquiries.

The next day.

Zu Qi got up quite earlier than usual. He washed up, and put on his clothes in a relaxed mood. After breakfast, he picked up a wild chrysanthemum and together with Xiao Ya, he set foot on the path leading to the Yue Liang Lake.

The scenery of the holiday resort was more beautiful than he had imagined. The hazy distant mountains were covered with a veil of mist and could only see the hazy outlines. The blue sky and white clouds were reflected on the turquoise and clear lake, and the crisp sound of birds echoed in the forest.

He was used to seeing the high-rise buildings and busy traffic in the prosperous and bustling city; he just felt that this serene and beautiful natural scenery had a special charm.

Zu Qi saw Bai Guangjian sitting by the lake and fishing from a distance. He instructed Xiao Ya to wait not far away, then he walked over by himself, and sat down directly on the grass beside Bai Guangjian.

Bai Guangjian, who was in a daze, was taken aback. He turned his head and saw that the newcomer was Zu Qi who he had met once, then he quickly calmed down.

Zu Qi was caught off guard by the thick dark circles under Bai Guangjian’s eye sockets and the hairline that almost receded to the top of his head. He subconsciously asked, “Are you okay?”

Bai Guangjian immediately understood what Zu Qi was talking about. He touched his bald forehead embarrassingly and uneasily, and then he said with a forced smile: “It’s nothing big. It’s just that the quality of sleep has not been very good recently. Thank you for your concern.”

Although Bai Guangjian had never met Zu Qi in person, he had heard a lot of rumors about Zu Qi in the past two days. In addition, he had met Zu Qi in Xue Jue’s room not long ago, so he had guessed Zu Qi’s identity in just a moment.

As a result, the two of them chatted with each other, and the topic unknowingly turned to insomnia and hair loss.

Bai Guangjian was suffocated in this regard, and immediately couldn’t help complaining to Zu Qi a lot. He frankly said how he was afraid that he would become bald in a few years.

Zu Qi quietly listened to Bai Guangjian’s grievance, and while the other party was taking a breath, he pretended to say inadvertently: “I have a friend who has symptoms similar to yours, but he used a method a while ago. And, it did not take long before he completely cured his troublesome insomnia.”

Hearing that Bai Guangjian’s eyes lit up: “What method?”

Just when Bai Guangjian thought Zu Qi was going to share a mysterious and complicated old prescription, he saw Zu Qi slowly taking out a small wild chrysanthemum from his jacket pocket, and then handed it to him.

“Put this wild chrysanthemum on the head of the bed, I promise this will let you sleep until noon.”


Bai Guangjian looked at the mediocre little wild chrysanthemum, then looked up at Zu Qi who was solemn. For a while, it was unclear whether Zu Qi was stupid or the other party regarded him as a fool and was making fun of him.

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