I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 020

Chapter 020: A Request

In less than half an hour, Xiao Ya completed making the list.

All the maids and bodyguards who had helped Zu Qi very strongly expressed their willingness to continue working for their Madam.

Xiao Ya was very proactive. In the afternoon, she made a detailed work arrangement and future operation plan and handed it over to Zu Qi, which also stated the salary structure of their deputy positions.

To be on the safe side, Zu Qi also instructed Xiao Ya to draw up a corresponding number of contracts according to the number of people, and let everyone read it carefully before signing. Party A was the “Fantasy Space” Taobao shop.

In this way, Zu Qi’s shop and employees were all ready, but Zu Qi had to admit that almost all of these things he got were exploited from Xue Jue.........

So that night, Zu Qi, who was quite guilty, enthusiastically invited Xue Jue, Assistant Zhao and Butler Zhang over, and ordered the chef to cook a sumptuous dinner for them.

Zu Qi made such a big noise today, so Steward Zhang naturally reported in detail to Xue Jue, who turned blue from anger after hearing this.

It was nothing more than Zu Qi’s nonsense before, and he could comfort himself that it’s fine since Zu Qi and those so-called buyers are both willing.

But what’s going on now?! 

Zu Qi still planned to expand his unlicensed business? He even recruited the servants and employees from home! It’s just too outrageous.

Xue Jue started to manage his family’s business when he was seventeen or eighteen years old. He had been in the business world for more than ten years and had met all kinds of people. But this was the first time he had encountered such a nonsense operation from Zu Qi.

Holding back his breath, Xue Jue had a cold face when he went to the company for a meeting. And, the employees below were all trembling and didn’t even dare to take a breath for fear that if they said a wrong word they would be punished as an example to others.

When he returned to the resort in the evening, Xue Jue planned to talk to Zu Qi about this matter. As a result, as soon as he returned to his room and changed his clothes, Xiao Ya came to invite him to have dinner, together with Steward Zhang and Xiao Zhao.

At the dinner table, Xue Jue, with black lines all over his face, looked at Zu Qi’s smirking face but he still failed to ask his question.

Steward Zhang next to him also had an indescribable expression. He looked at Zu Qi who was full of joy. He hesitated to speak for a while, and finally sighed helplessly.

Only Xiao Zhao, who didn’t know the inside story, was unrestrained and started to eat happily.

The frowning Steward Zhang caught a glimpse of Xiao Zhao who was addicted to eating and drinking from the corner of his eye, and he couldn’t help showing envious eyes—— It’s good to be a fool who didn’t understand anything.........

*(E/N: Sometimes it really is good to be oblivious sometimes hahaha, look at Xiao Zhao, he could eat peacefully!)

Poor Xiao Zhao didn’t know what Steward Zhang was thinking. After meeting Steward Zhang’s eyes, he even grinned foolishly.

Steward Zhang: “...” He looked more like a fool in this way.

After the meal, Zu Qi ordered Xiao Ya and the maids to clean up the table, while he straightened his belly and slowly walked Xue Jue and the others to the door. 

Now that it’s autumn, the weather is getting colder. The night wind blew on their faces with a faint cool sensation.

Zu Qi wrapped himself in a long coat like a rice dumpling. He wore a knitted hat on his head and a tulle scarf around his neck. Only his fair and clean face was exposed all over his body.

Under the dim street lights, Zu Qi raised his chin slightly, opened his eyes and stared at Xue Jue for a moment. The corners of his eyes were slightly raised, and when one looked carefully, one could always find they were unusually attractive.

Xue Jue felt a little uncomfortable with Zu Qi’s straightforward gaze. His eyes flickered, and then he lowered his eyes to look at Zu Qi’s protruding belly.

“I’ve already made an appointment at the hospital. Let’s go to the hospital for a check-up sometime later. If you want, you can also live in the hospital directly,” Xue Jue said.

Zu Qi nodded, and soon as if thinking of something, he frowned, patted his round belly lightly, and asked, “How am I going to give birth to him?”

“........” Xue Jue was immediately stopped by this question. After being silent for a long time, he slowly said, “Dr. Zhang, who will help you give birth, has rich experience in this area. He has his own arrangements. We just need to follow his instructions. You don’t need to worry about this.”

Zu Qi’s face was a little ugly when thinking of the childbirth scene, and he subconsciously clasped his arms tightly: “But I am not a woman. No matter how experienced the doctor is, there will be danger........”

In fact, Zu Qi was not worried that he would die on the operating table. After all, at the later stage of the novel, the original owner was still jumping in front of the male lead and female lead for a while. It was his resistance in his heart to giving birth which made him involuntarily scared. 

It was not easy to give birth to a child, not to mention that it was still a man’s body, and his biological structure was fundamentally different from that of a woman.

What if there was a heavy bleeding and life-threatening condition or something.........

All kinds of messy thoughts scared Zu Qi into a cold sweat. He shook his head hastily, trying to get rid of these sudden bad thoughts.

At that time, Zu Qi’s eyes suddenly dimmed, and when he realized it, he was embraced in a warm embrace, and a faint elegant fragrance lingered at the tip of his nose, which was Xue Jue’s usual men’s perfume’s fragrance.

Xue Jue didn’t put much strength, and put his hands gently on Zu Qi’s waist. In order to avoid touching Zu Qi’s big belly, he arched his back slightly, and it made his tall body look very awkward.

“No matter what, I will stay with you.” Xue Jue’s deep and steady voice sounded in Zu Qi’s ear, and he slightly tightened his hand on Zu Qi’s waist, “Even if you still have the idea of ​​breaking up, I won’t treat you any differently. You will always be my child’s biological father.”

Xue Jue said every word very seriously. Even if Zu Qi leaned on Xue Jue’s shoulder and couldn’t see the other party’s face, he seemed to be able to imagine the serious expression on him.

He had to say that Xue Jue’s character was quite different from that described in the novel. 

Perhaps the author wrote most scenes of Xue Jue after he met the female lead. The blackened Xue Jue in the later stage was gentle and friendly on the surface, but in fact he only talked big, and none of his words were true.

However, the current Xue Jue was completely different. At least Zu Qi could deeply feel that Xue Jue was a good young man in society who was honest and upright........ No, it should be a good middle-aged man in society.

It was not known what kind of torture this upright man who was as straight as little white poplar had experienced in the later stage that he blackened and turned into such a person who could make people feel disgusted.

Zu Qi couldn’t help sighing. He raised his hand and patted Xue Jue’s shoulder, smiled half worriedly and half teasingly: “Don’t talk with such confidence. What if you meet a woman you like one day?”

Hearing that, Xue Jue fell silent unexpectedly.

Not getting the answer he was waiting for, Zu Qi’s eyes gradually dimmed. He thought that Xue Jue at this time was special, and might directly deny his words.

Zu Qi broke free from Xue Jue’s embrace. He twitched the corners of his mouth, and was about to change the subject when he suddenly heard Xue Jue say: “I can’t guarantee that such a thing will never happen, but no matter what the relationship between us is in the future, I will do my best to protect the rights and interests of you and our child.”

“I don’t need your protection.” Zu Qi shook his head and said, “As long as you promise me, once you like someone else, we will draw a clear line immediately, and we will never be in contact with each other.”

Without even thinking about it, Xue Jue said, “Okay, I promise you.”

Zu Qi looked at Xue Jue’s determined appearance, and for no reason, he felt that his behavior was a bit self-deceiving. If Xue Jue would really turn black in the later stage, that was not something that could be stopped with just a few words of empty talk.

And if it followed the plot of the novel, it would not be long before Xue Jue and the female lead to meet under the arrangement of fate. The specific time period seemed to be within one month after the child was born.

Thinking of this, Zu Qi suddenly looked sad.

Xue Jue saw all the changes in Zu Qi’s expression, only thinking that Zu Qi was still worrying about the future. After returning to his residence, he sat in the study and thought about it for a long time, and then called Steward Zhang.

The worried Steward Zhang quickly came to the study. He felt depressed when he thought of all the things he had inquired about at Zu Qi’s place today.


“Go and do something for me.” Xue Jue leaned on the huge black leather sofa, rubbing his eyebrows rather irritably.

Steward Zhang thought that Xue Jue had finally figured it out and decided to intervene in Zu Qi’s affairs. So, he immediately smiled, and hurriedly said, “Master, what can I do for you?”

Xue Jue said, “Help me prepare for the wedding. The time and place are all to be determined by Zu Qi. The process and details of the wedding are also prepared well and let Zu Qi choose. As for the guest list, you can show me after you sort it out.”

“........” The joy on Steward Zhang’s face instantly solidified. He said with a little surprise, “Then, about the Taobao store Madam opened......”

“Oh yes, I almost forgot about this.” Xue Jue said again, “You see if you can help him register a company and help him find the venue he needs. As long as he doesn’t do anything harmful, just let him do as he pleases.”

Steward Zhang: “........”

Looking up and seeing Steward Zhang still standing in place with a dull expression, Xue Jue raised his eyebrows suspiciously: “Uncle Zhang?”

Steward Zhang opened and closed his mouth, murmuring: “Master, you couldn’t be towards Madam..........” ‘Really have feelings’, and the words that followed were forcibly stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say those out.

Xue Jue asked: “What did I do to him?”

Steward Zhang sighed: “It’s nothing.......”

Zu Qi on the other side was still full of sadness after returning to the room, but he had figured it out a lot after taking a shower.

Anyway, he couldn’t escape what was coming. If Xue Jue was destined to meet the female lead in the near future and couldn’t help falling in love with her, then all he could do was make money quickly and hold up a protective umbrella for himself and his child.

The next day.

When Zu Qi woke up from his sleep, Xiao Ya, who was extremely energetic, had already led everybody to start working hard. Today was their first day of work, and everyone was rolling up their sleeves and working hard.

In comparison, Zu Qi, the boss who was leisurely lying on the sun lounger and playing with his mobile phone, looked particularly out of place.

Now that Zu Qi’s Weibo had been handed over to Xiao Ya, he had re-registered another account, and logged in from time to time to check Weibo Hot Search and forward comments on his Weibo and such.

Zu Qi had long guessed that his popularity would not last long. At this moment, he saw that his name had disappeared from the entire Hot Search list, but instead, it was replaced by the names of Bai GuangJian and Chen MeiXin and that unexpectedly reached the Hot Search number one and even followed by a small red word “explosive”.

Without exception, the top five hot searches that came out revolved around the three of Bai GuangJian, Chen MeiXin and Shi Hao, and there was even the words “Chen MeiXin had an affair with Shi Hao”.

Zu Qi immediately thought of something and quickly clicked in.

The first thing that popped up was a Weibo post posted by Bai GuangJian at four o’clock in the morning. The content was only a photo. On the photo, it was written in the black text on the white background that he was going to sue for divorce, and furthermore mentioned the surnames righteously and stated that Chen MeiXin had an affair with Shi Hao.

Undoubtedly, this Weibo was like throwing a huge rock on the originally calm lake, which instantly set off a stormy sea.

From four o’clock in the morning to now, in just six hours, the number of comments on that Weibo post had exceeded 330,000, and the number of reposts was as high as 500,000.

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