I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 019

Chapter 019: Watching the Show 

Bai GuangJian was the boss of the production company, and Shi Hao was a new-generation director who had won many awards. Naturally, the two had a lot of topics to talk about.

Let’s not talk about how Shi Hao felt, at least Bai GuangJian chatted more and more excitedly, and even picked up his phone and said that he wanted to add Shi Hao’s WeChat, hoping to cooperate together if there was a chance in the future. 

Shi Hao, who already had a guilty conscience, was in a cold sweat when he heard these words. If it was normal, he would have added Bai GuangJian’s WeChat to get close to the other party.

But now, Zu Qi, who knew the inside story, stood upright across the table like a mountain, and the heavy psychological pressure made Shi Hao sit on pins and needles.

Fortunately, after Bai GuangJian added Shi Hao’s WeChat, he turned his attention to Zu Qi and Xue Jue on the opposite side. The three chatted for a while, but Shi Hao and Chen MeiXin, who had different expressions, were quiet and only listening.

At the end of the meal, Zu Qi seemed to suddenly remember something, scratching his hair, and said in distress, “Actually, I have been worrying about one thing recently.”

“Oh?” Bai GuangJian took a bite of the food and immediately he said frankly, “If you have any difficulties, just tell me, maybe I can help you.”

Zu Qi put down the bowl and chopsticks, sighed and said, “I have a good friend, and his wife looks like she’s on good terms with other people. I don’t know if I should tell my friend about it.”

As soon as he said this, Shi Hao’s face paled instantly.

He stared at Zu Qi with wide eyes in disbelief, as if his scorching gaze was going to burn a hole in Zu Qi.

Chen MeiXin, who had been watching Shi Hao’s movements by her side, also noticed something wrong. She frowned, and seemed to think of something and in an instant her face became more and more ugly.

On the contrary, Bai GuangJian looked like an outsider who had nothing to do with himself. He touched his chin and seriously suggested: “It depends on the character of your friend and the relationship between you and your friend. If you and his relationship is average and that friend of yours has a small mind, then I think you’d better not say it.”

Zu Qi took all the reactions of Shi Hao and Chen MeiXin into his eyes. He raised the corners of his mouth happily, and continued to ask: “If you were my friend, what would you think?”

“Of course I hope you tell me directly.” Bai Guang Jian took a sip of tea and said, “Maybe there are some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in this world who can tolerate their wives cuckolding them, but those people definitely don’t include me. What is the value of a marriage without loyalty and trust? If I were your friend, not only would I want a divorce, but I won’t let the other party take a penny from me.”

After he finished speaking in a stern voice, Bai GuangJian’s expression quickly softened. He took Chen MeiXin’s hand gently and patted twice, he added proudly, “But this kind of thing will never happen to us. My wife and I trust each other.”

Hearing this, Zu Qi almost choked on his own saliva.

Xue Jue calmly stroked Zu Qi’s back. Although he never said a word, one could still see his sympathy for Bai GuangJian from his indescribable eyes.

At this time, Chen MeiXin’s face was already pale to the extreme. Her eyes were dodging uneasily, and under the gentle gaze of her husband, she forced the corners of her lips to smile and nodded.

“Yeah, we are already an old couple, it’s ridiculous for us to have an affair.”

Zu Qi looked at Chen MeiXin’s eyes that were shifting from left to right with a half-smile. Bai GuangJian couldn’t see her strangeness, but even he could clearly feel the guilty conscience revealed from Chen MeiXin’s pores.

“Since Mr. Bai has said so, then I decided to tell the truth......” Zu Qi deliberately elongated his tone, and his meaningful eyes wandered between Shi Hao and Chen MeiXin intentionally or unintentionally.

The two of them changed their faces instantly, their expressions full of fear as if they had seen the end of the world.

“Shi Hao, Mrs. Bai, you two......”

Before Zu Qi finished speaking, Shi Hao and Chen MeiXin stood up at the same time.

“Zu Qi, shut the f*ck up!” Shi Hao was so frightened that his voice had changed, and he looked as if he was going to pounce on him in the next second and gnaw Zu Qi until there was no bone left.

Chen MeiXin also couldn’t wait to speak, but the person she was talking to was the confused Bai GuangJian. She suddenly bent down and leaned on Bai GuangJian. Her eyes were red, and she was crying like a pear blossom bathed in the rain.

*(T/N: 梨花带雨 - pear blossom bathed in the rain, which means ‘a weeping beauty’.)

“Husband, I, I didn’t mean to betray you. Yes, it was Shi Hao who threatened me, he forced me to have a relationship.......”

Shi Hao, who had planned to refuse to admit even if he was beaten to death, was shocked that his jaw dropped when Chen MeiXin confessed so easily. After he finally picked up his jaw, what followed was a burst of uncontrollable anger.

“I’m threatening you? I must be so f*cking crazy to threaten you, an old and decrepit old woman! You were the one who hinted me to go to your room in the middle of the night with the investment money. Otherwise, would I let the young and beautiful girl go, and run to f*ck an old woman like you?”

“You are talking nonsense!” Chen MeiXin rushed over in an extremely immoral manner, and she slapped Shi Hao’s face with a slap.

There was a crisp sound, echoing in the box for a long time, even alarming the waiter who was guarding outside.

“You ungrateful bastard. How did I help you before? Is this how you repay me?” Chen MeiXin was already on the verge of collapse. The delicate appearance when she cried just now was nowhere to be seen. Her expression was hideous with anger towards Shi Hao in a rage, and with the eye make-up she had spent time on, she looked like a demon.

Chen MeiXin turned around and said to Zu Qi, “Look, this is the person you loved before. Do you know what he did to you behind your back? Most of your dirty stories are fabricated by him, and the role cut off by Tang MoNing from you is all because of his good deeds!”

Shi Hao, who was beaten up stunned just now, had recovered his senses now. He strode forward, grabbed Chen MeiXin’s shoulder and slapped her loudly.

“Okay, you have to settle the score, right? Why don’t you say that you think your husband is ugly and the job is too bad, that you can only use the money to go out to find ducks, and when you go back, you have to pretend to enjoy yourself in front of your husband.......”

*(T/N: duck - slang for male pr*stitute)

Shi Hao and Chen MeiXin made explosive allegations to each other as if they were crazy. They said all kinds of ugly things, and they soon started fighting, making crackle and rattle sounds in the box.

Bai GuangJian, who was the other party involved, stood by the side in a daze throughout the whole process. He neither rushed over to question Chen MeiXin angrily, nor showed sadness and despair. His expression was so calm that it was almost indifferent.

Zu Qi was standing in the corner under the protection of Xue Jue, lest the two people who were fighting hurt him.

It wasn’t until four or five waiters came in panic to pull Shi Hao and Chen MeiXin away, that Zu Qi couldn’t bear to walk to Bai GuangJian’s side and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Bai GuangJian, who was stunned for a long time, finally reacted. He slowly turned his head to look at Zu Qi who looked guilty.

Bai GuangJian blinked blankly, and then showed a relieved smile: “There is no need to apologize. I should thank you. Thank you for letting me know.”

Zu Qi sighed, not knowing what to say for a while.

The melee didn’t last long under the obstruction of the waiters. Chen MeiXin, who realized the existence of Bai GuangJian after a while, finally found the focus, and threw herself at Bai GuangJian’s feet crying.

“Husband, I know I was wrong. Can you forgive me? I have changed everything. I cut off all contact with them long ago. Now I really want to live with you.”

Bai GuangJian stared fiercely at Chen MeiXin, and laughed angrily: “So you’re looking for more than one person outside.” 

After that, he raised his hand and waved away Chen MeiXin’s hands holding his trouser legs.

In the past, what did he see in Chen MeiXin and how did he like her? Even though the years had left many marks on Chen MeiXin’s face, he still felt that the goddess he chased and won with great difficulty in his youth was more attractive than the young girls outside.

However, at this moment, Chen MeiXin’s bruised nose and swollen face made him feel physiologically disgusted.

“As you wish, let’s get a divorce.” Bai GuangJian’s mouth was slightly bitter, and his eyes were more disappointed and determined. “But you can’t take away a penny of our Bai family’s property.”

Chen MeiXin knelt on the ground, crying out of breath, but Bai GuangJian left without looking back.

Before Zu Qi came, he had prepared a bunch of stone hammers for Shi Hao and Chen MeiXin’s affair, but none of them were used in the end. He didn’t expect that Chen MeiXin couldn’t endure being threatened so much, and was provoked that she told it herself with just a few words.

When he returned to the resort, Xiao Ya, who had nothing to do, was leading two maids to learn the basic courses of Taobao marketing on the website.

Seeing Zu Qi was back, Xiao Ya rushed to greet him, and said happily and distressed: “Madam, you are back. Have you seen Weibo? Our Taobao store is on hot search!”

Zu Qi, who had just watched a big show, naturally didn’t bother to look at Weibo, but this matter fell within his expectations.

“The one being scolded on the hot search?” Zu Qi asked calmly.

Xiao Ya’s expression gradually became embarrassed. Obviously Zu Qi guessed it right, but she quickly smiled and said optimistically: “Being scolded means that we are hot. The most terrifying thing is that there are no people who scold us.”

“You and I have the same thinking.” Zu Qi straightened his expression, frowned, and said seriously, “I will leave the Taobao store and Weibo to you in the future. If the performance is good, in addition to the basic salary, you all will also have a quarterly dividend.”

Hearing this, Xiao Ya and the two maids behind her were all happy, and they looked at each other full of excitement. And then, Xiao Ya put her palms together, and was surprised and confused, she said: “Do we still have a basic salary?”

“Of course there is.” Zu Qi smiled, so he briefly told them about the salary arrangement that he had decided earlier. 

The basic salary for running Weibo and Taobao stores was 5,000. The work of making wild chrysanthemum powder and other miscellaneous errands was tiring, so the basic salary was 10,000, and the quarterly dividends would be determined by Zu Qi.  

Those who do things seriously and those who fish in troubled waters would have two completely different salaries. Of course, if someone was unwilling to do these things, they only needed to report to Xiao Ya.

*(T/N: 浑水摸鱼 - to fish in troubled water (idiom); to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain (from Pleco))

This was only the current preliminary plan, and the remaining details needed to be gradually improved in the future.

After giving all the instructions, Zu Qi asked Xiao Ya to count the list of people who were willing to do things, and by the way, assign everyone’s work and perform their duties.

In fact, Zu Qi’s basic salary was not high, but Xiao Ya and the others were still so happy that they couldn’t close their mouths. They had all received the dividends from Zu Qi, and the amount of money was definitely not low, that was as much as the salary of them working in Xue’s family for more than half a year.

Not only could they continue to work in the Xue family, but they could also open up a more profitable side business. Such a good thing actually happened to them one day.

The little girls were all dizzy from the pie that fell from the sky, and they immediately decided to work harder, to repay the trust that their Madam had placed in them.

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