I’m pregnant with a wealthy Old Man’s Child – Chapter 018

Chapter 018: Weibo

Cuiyue Pavilion was not far from the resort. It only took about 40 minutes by car.

The blushing Xue Jue due to teasing simply stopped paying attention to Zu Qi, and regardless of Zu Qi chattering continuously in his ear, he almost wrote these four words “I can’t hear you” directly on his face.

Zu Qi, who found it boring, put away his thoughts of having fun, and leaned on the seat to play with the phone in all kinds of boredom.

The novel world was basically the same as the real world. Even Weibo and WeChat were exactly the same as in the real world. Zu Qi received a lot of news on social media every day.

Especially on Weibo, there were countless numbers of people who either tagged him or sent private messages.

Of course, Zu Qi didn’t need to look at it to guess that it’s no good for netizens to find him. Before, he was busy adapting to the circumstances and fiddling with the space, and he was not in the mood to pay attention to these things. Now he opened Weibo on a whim, and as expected, he found that the private message box was full of words cursing him.

【 Oh, I have learned a lot. It’s good to be able to sell your body. If you want to ban someone, you can ban whoever you want. If you are hugging a golden thigh, you will think that you have climbed Mount Everest. Please have some shame, OK? [smile][smile]】

【 I heard that Shi Hao was blocked by your husband? May I ask how many people have you slept with? You can get to today’s position by sleeping with people. It seems that there is hope for male pr*stitutes to squeeze into the rich and powerful families. [Funny]】 

【 Daily Question: Did Zu Qi die suddenly today? 】

【Brother Qi, Brother Qi! ! Seeking for the video!! The one that you got drunk and r*ped. Can I buy it for two Yuan?! If there’s no video, photos are fine too!! 】


Zu Qi read those silently for more than ten minutes before he saw private messages from fans cheering for him. It was like a lonely boat drifting amidst the dark sea of curses.  

It could be seen that although the original owner had lived a life of luxury after hugging Xue Jue’s golden thigh, his days in the entertainment industry could be described as an extreme misery.

The others were all black and red, but the original owner was all black. In addition to the recent news that Shi Hao was blocked, Zu Qi, who was instantly pushed to where the wind and the waves are the fiercest, was so black that he was about to turn purple.

*(T/N: In the Chinese entertainment industry, red is a slang word for ‘popular/hot’ and black is also ‘popular’ or more likely ‘well known’ but with dark history or bad news’.)

Zu Qi generally picked out a few private messages from fans to reply. Just after switching the phone screen to the Weibo homepage, he heard Xue Jue, who was pretending to be deaf and mute, said coldly: “Don’t look.”

Zu Qi raised his chin slightly, his eyes still glued to the phone: “It’s not like I would lose a piece of meat if I look at it.” 

“It’s full of negative energy and hostility. Looking at it will only affect your mood.” Xue Jue said.

“It’s more than that.” Zu Qi raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “I still have more than 8 million fans. After Shi Hao went on the hot search, he helped me bring me more than 1 million active fans.”

Even though these people were all coming to scold him and watch him make a fool of himself, this kind of popularity was better than his name being unknown.

“......” After hearing these words, Xue Jue’s expression suddenly became difficult to express, and he stopped talking for a moment. He thought about it and said, “Black fans are not fans.” 

Zu Qi said: “But black fans are also active fans.”

Xue Jue: “......” OK, he couldn’t win against Zu Qi who had the gift of the gab now.

Zu Qi pulled out the edited photos Xiao Ya sent him a few days ago from the gallery. They were all photos of canned wild chrysanthemum powder taken from various angles. The light blue crystal bottle was glowing in the sunlight with a delicate and crystal-clear color, and the delicate carvings came alive.

One had to admit that it was the same wild chrysanthemum powder yet, when it was packed in a transparent plastic bag, it was like a fake product. But, when packed in a specially customized exquisite small jar, it instantly became a high-end, high-grade and advanced product.

Sure enough, people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles.

Today’s society is one where people look and judge a person by their looks.

After a sigh, Zu Qi clicked on the Weibo interface and uploaded nine carefully selected product photos.

He thought about it for a while, and after repetitive deleting and editing, he wrote a paragraph of copywriting.

【 Hello everyone, I’m Zu Qi. Starting from today, I will sell our own new products on this Weibo. The photos below are the first launched JingXin AnShen Powder, which is specially used for people with insomnia and hair loss. The effect is not guaranteed. Once it is sold, it is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. The purchase link is attached below. It will be on sale tomorrow at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. It is limited to 1,000 bottles on a first-come, first-served basis. 】

*(T/N: 静心安神粉 - JingXin AnShen Powder)

A Taobao purchase link was added after the text. The Taobao store has been applied for by Xiao Ya long ago, and the decoration of the store and product advertisements had all taken the high-end route.

After editing the content, Zu Qi clicked ‘send’.

He thought that it would take a long time for the effect of this Weibo to ferment. But unexpectedly, after only half an hour, the comment area under his Weibo had already exploded.

In order to leave a tragic image of severe psychological trauma in front of Xue Jue, Shi Hao got up before dawn that morning and started to tidy up himself.

Putting on a pale and dispirited look make-up, the messy bed hair that did not need to be taken care of, he also tried to choose the white tone for his clothes and pants. After he dressed up like that, the whole person looked depressed.

Shi Hao turned around in front of the mirror to admire himself for a while. He was very satisfied with this outfit.

Zu Qi only mentioned the time and place of the dinner on the phone, and did not tell Shi Hao which room he was in. Shi Hao, who arrived half an hour earlier, asked the front desk of the restaurant to no avail and had to wait dully outside the glass door.

The hot sun hung high in the sky. The sun was so strong that it was difficult for Shi Hao to open his eyes.

He was so hot with sweat on his cheeks and forehead. He originally wanted to call Zu Qi to urge him, but considering that Xue Jue might be beside Zu Qi, he had to resist this impulse.

It was not known how long he waited, a familiar and slim figure suddenly appeared in Shi Hao’s eyes, and his face instantly became extremely pale after he saw the person who came.

He saw the elegantly dressed Chen MeiXin holding Bai GuangJian’s arm solemnly. The couple got out of the luxury car and walked towards the restaurant talking and laughing.

Shi Hao hid behind the pillar subconsciously, staring at the smiling Chen MeiXin for a moment, his stern eyes looked like a sharp knife dipped in venom.

He remembered the pain and helplessness when he was banned some time ago. He was full of hope to find Chen MeiXin for help, but what he got was Chen MeiXin’s merciless trampling and insults.

That old woman held him up to the sky when she needed him, and now kicked him away because she thought he was a burden.

Shi Hao retracted his gaze, becoming more and more irritable.

Finally, he mustered up the courage to take out his mobile phone and prepared to make a call to Zu Qi, but as soon as he turned on the screen, he saw a Weibo push notification that popped up on the interface.

【Zu Qi returned to Weibo. Suspected of leaving the entertainment industry to open a Taobao store. Selling fake products..……】

Shi Hao frowned, clicked in suspiciously, and followed the push notification for details to Zu Qi’s Weibo. He took a look at Weibo’s posting time. It was published just ten minutes ago.


So, when he was waiting here and about to become a fossil, Zu Qi was leisurely posting on Weibo to sell things.

Shi Hao immediately switched to a side account and returned to Zu Qi’s Weibo. He clicked into the comment area in a rage and planned to scold him, but he saw that the popular comments were full of sarcasm, and his fans also cursed Zu Qi with all kinds of ugly words.

At this moment, everyone must be dumbfounded. They had blackened Zu Qi for several years. Since Zu Qi quit Weibo last year, they felt that there was a missing piece in their life.

Just now, they suddenly received a reminder of Zu Qi’s new Weibo in the special attention. The sunspots were ecstatic, more excited than real fans. They immediately stopped what they were doing, and swarmed into Zu Qi’s Weibo to swear at him.

But at the first glance at the Weibo content, everyone was stunned.

【F*ck, Zu Qi is possessed by a WeChat businessman, right? He actually started to sell fake products without rhyme or reason and they also specialize in treating insomnia and hair loss. The bragger is all exaggerating. 】

【Didn’t they say that Zu Qi got married to a local tyrant? Why did he run out to sell things again? Could it be that the local tyrant went bankrupt overnight?  hahahahaha! 】

【No, no, no. We won’t buy it. We are here to see you making a joke, and wait until tomorrow’s sales volume will be zero. Only fools would buy those things of unknown origin. 】

Even passers-by couldn’t help but jump out to make a mockery, and the sunspots were even more professional and dedicated to cursing.

Everyone agreed that Zu Qi had a problem with his brain. Regarding the rumors that he asked his husband to suppress Shi Hao, he didn’t even have a word to explain. Instead, he posted two Weibo posts to promote the new product.

There were also some extreme sunspots who deliberately added the JingXin YangShen Powder to their shopping cart, waiting to make a negative review after receiving the goods to lower the reputation of Zu Qi’s shop.

Shi Hao wandered around in the comment area, and finally felt that his depressed mood was relieved a lot. He called his friend who was doing Internet marketing and asked him to buy a water army and go to Zu Qi’s Weibo to bring the rhythm. It’s best to take advantage of the trend and blacken Zu Qi.

That friend had been asked many times, and he has long been used to it. With a cigarette in his mouth, he calmly said: “Are you going to vent your anger for your little lover again?”

“It has nothing to do with MoNing.” Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, gritted his teeth and squeezed those words out, “Price is not a problem. As long as you have the ability, you just blacken him to death!”

That person snickered and laughed ‘hahaha’: “Got it.”

Shi Hao hid in the corner and finished the phone call. When he turned around, he almost ran into the waiter who walked behind him since he didn’t know when.

“Mr. Shi.” The waiter said with a polite smile, “Mr. Zu and others have already entered. Let me take you upstairs.”

Shi Hao was taken aback, “When did they go in?”

“Just five minutes ago, when you’re on the phone here.” The waiter said, “Mr. Zu also specifically ordered that you will be invited in after you finish the call.”

“.......” Shi Hao’s face suddenly turned gloomy, and he felt like he was being played with.

It was not known if Zu Qi and Xue Jue heard the content of his call just now. With a worried and a little annoyed heart, Shi Hao followed the waiter to a certain box on the second floor.

Pushing the door open, Shi Hao quickly followed the crack of the door and saw Zu Qi sitting on the outermost side, with a warm smile on his beautiful face, he waved to Shi Hao and said, “Come in. Let me introduce you to two people.”

Hearing these words, Shi Hao had an ominous premonition in his heart. He took two steps back subconsciously, but had to bite the bullet and walk into the box under Xue Jue’s indifferent stare.

In the next second, he saw Bai GuangJian sitting opposite Zu Qi and Xue Jue and Chen MeiXin with a surprised expression

As if he didn’t seem to feel the subtle atmosphere between Shi Hao and Chen MeiXin, Zu Qi smiled and greeted Shi Hao to sit down, just to the left of Chen MeiXin. 

Poor Bai GuangJian, whose head is so green it was almost like a glowing green light, didn’t even know something was fishy between Chen MeiXin and Shi Hao at all. Seeing that Shi Hao had been introduced by Zu Qi, he started talking with him kindly.

Chen MeiXin, who was sandwiched between them, had a strange expression. Her face was filled with irritability. After raising her eyes to meet Zu Qi’s meaningful gaze, Chen MeiXin hurriedly squeezed out a forced smile.

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