Dousha Bao – Chapter 009

Chapter 09

Dousha felt that the little boy in front of him was a bit familiar, and Ye Fei whispered in his ear: “Oh, oh, it’s him. Isn’t he that little prodigy from the junior class 3!?”

Dousha just remembered that the boy who was kicked by his feet was the legendary child prodigy in his school. He was said to have a high IQ, and he could learn everything at once, and he could remember and read all the 26 English letters at once and thoroughly, and he had no pressure on his back.

In the children’s circle, children who were good-looking and clever had received much attention. Dousha couldn’t remember what the little boy was called, but even he knew that child. It was said that his eyes were very big and beautiful. The most important thing was that he was also very smart.

Dousha’s EQ and IQ were all outstanding among children of the same age, but his character was cold and untalkative, and he didn’t show anything. Naturally, no teacher found his uniqueness and extraordinary. Every time a teacher praised a little student who was diligent and easy to learn, and everyone wanted to learn like him, Dousha would show a “stupid human” look. So naturally, Dousha divided the children around him into three types of people. One was smart, one was hardworking and easy to learn, and the other was stupid and dull and didn’t work hard.

Dousha himself was in the first type, so he was not so indifferent to his own kind.

He lifted his feet away, sat up, and hooked his fingers at the big-eyed prodigy who was not fully awake. The little prodigy was very obedient and he sat up.


Dousha’s golden-tea-colored eyes moved and looked at the boy up and down. He found out that the little boy had a pair of very cute dimples. Well, well, Dousha thought he (LJ) was beautiful and also clever, so what was the best..........

“What’s your name?” Dousha took back his finger poking the boy’s dimple, which was soft and smooth, very nice to touch.

The little boy’s hair was messy, but he was completely awake now. His slick eyes were glowing with water, and his voice was soft. He said, “My name is Liu Ji.” He paused: “What about you?”

Dousha’s eyelids jumped for once, as Ye Fei jumped up excitedly, clapped his hands, and whispered: “Wow, Dousha has the same surname as you!”

The little boy looked at Ye Fei uncertainly with his watery eyes.

The little adult Dousha raised his brows, and his heart jumped suddenly. He carefully looked at the little boy’s face and compared it with his own. He confirmed that the two of them should not be born to the same father. Then he said, “My name is Liu Xu. “

Liu Ji slowly opened his eyes widely, the corners of his mouth twitched, and his dimples appeared, “Liu Ji, Liu Xu, JuXu (Continuation).....”

*(T/N: 继续 JiXu means ‘Continuation’. It’s the same as the combination of two kids’ names ‘Ji 继’ and ‘Xu续’.)

Ye Fei continued, “JiXu. JiXu. Hey, Dousha, your name is behind him......”

Dousha rolled his eyes silently. He was not a kid who liked to compete with others for the first place, but that’s because he disdained to. For the result that others needed to work a hundred times harder than him, he only needed to use his brain a little. So most of the time, Dousha didn’t think there was any need to compete with others.

But the dimpled beauty in front of him was different. The kid was said to be very smart. He could learn everything as soon as he learns. He was also beautiful and cute. He still had the same surname as his own. The key was that their names are so similar?

The little friend Dousha became a little unhappy, and an ally instantly became an enemy.

He snorted, raised his neck, and looked scornfully at Liu Ji: “Are you the little prodigy from the junior class 3?”

Liu Ji’s little nose twitched, a little unhappy: “You can call me ‘Liu Ji’. I don’t like people calling me ‘Shentong’ (a child prodigy).”

It’s quite modest, and Dousha didn’t feel so unhappy in his heart anymore. He said: “I’m in the senior class 5, and his name is Ye Fei. You can come and play with us in the future.”

Liu Ji was taken aback for a moment. His eyes were shining, and he nodded vigorously. His eyes narrowed into a seam from all the smiles, he felt very happy. Finally, there was a little friend who did not come to ask him whether he was a child prodigy or not, or why was he so smart and what did he usually eat, those kind of inexplicable questions. Liu Ji was only five years old. Children in kindergarten were playful by nature. He didn’t like being surrounded by parents and classmates, saying he was a prodigy and a genius, all this and that.

What prodigy? What genius? He just wanted to find someone to play with!!


Liu Ji quickly ran over to look for Dousha when school was over. Dousha and Ye Fei were in the senior class 5. There was a spiral staircase near the toilet on the second floor. Liu Ji was standing at the top of the stairs and waiting there.

Ye Fei saw Liu Ji first and waved at him. The little boy ran over when Dousha just turned his head and glanced at Liu Ji.

Dousha didn’t sleep at noon, so he started nodding off in the afternoon. The teacher couldn’t stand it anymore. She called him to answer the question. He yawned and stood up and looked at the blackboard, and then said the answer blah, blah, blah. The teacher in the senior class had no way to scold Dousha. The child looked cold and unsociable, but his performance in school was still very good. He could take big red flowers every year, even if he took a nap, it didn’t affect anything.

Dousha squinted his eyes and glanced at Liu Ji. He didn’t recognize people because his brain had turned into jelly. He glanced at Ye Fei: “Who is he?”

Liu Ji: “........”

Ye Fei: “.......”

Liu Ji was five years old, a half-grown child who was only as tall as Dousha’s chin. He raised his neck slightly, looking at Dousha who talked in an indifferent tone and in an estranged manner. It was completely opposite to his attitude (Dousha’s) at afternoon nap time before. He couldn’t understand. He (Dousha) was still talking about playing together with him before, but how could he forget him later? Maybe he was confused during the afternoon nap? Or did he (Dousha) really not remember him?

After thinking about it, little Liu Ji felt very aggrieved. His little nose twitched, his eyes were starting to get watery, and now he was looking at Dousha with his watery eyes.

Dousha was alerted and woke up right away. He naturally recognized little Liu Ji when he fixed his eyes on Liu Ji.

But little Liu Ji had enough of it, then he ran away with his mouth pouting. He felt that Liu Xu was really annoying! Really Annoying! How could he do this!! Obviously, he called him to play together!! He went back on his word! He lied to him!! Hate hate!!

Ye Fei wide opened his mouth as he watched the little boy run away. He pulled his elbow and poked Dousha: “Hey, you made him cry.”

Dousha looked like a small adult and frowned at the figure of Liu Ji* running away. He curled his lips: “I didn’t recognize him~~”

*(T/N: The raw here is ‘刘续’ which is ‘Liu Xu’. I guessed it was a typo, so I changed it into ‘Liu Ji’.)

Ye Fei said worriedly: “Will he ignore us in the future?”

Dousha sneered: “He dares!”


Lao Liu and Li Juan coaxed Liu Ji into bed before they went out to eat. They didn’t know what had happened to the child today or was he bullied at school. When Li Juan went to pick up the child, she saw little Liu Ji lying on the table alone. He sniffed and lay on his stomach with tears.

The teacher of the junior class was particularly embarrassed and said, “I don’t know who bullied him. I asked but he didn’t say. I’ve been coaxing him for quite a while.”

It’s normal for children to be awkward or to be in a bad mood, but Liu Ji had always been the best-behaved child. He was the one who cried the least among a group of children. Li Juan was also taken aback when she saw it. She hurriedly hugged her son in her arms and coaxed him to see if he was hit or hurt anywhere.

The teacher by the side was also very embarrassed. After all, the children cried when they were in school, and it was still fine if the parents didn’t know about it. The parents came to pick them up after school and they let the children’s mother see this. The teacher was worried whether the mother would complain to her or not.

Fortunately, Liu Ji’s mother was also open-minded. It didn’t matter if her son was not injured. After chatting with the teacher, she found that it might have been an argument with other children, “It’s okay, the child is awkward.”

After returning home, little Liu Ji had already stopped crying. Li Juan wiped the child’s hands and face, without saying anything, she hugged the child and sat directly onto the sofa, and kissed Liu Ji’s little cheek: “Have you been bullied by other kids at kindergarten today? Come on, tell mom.”

Liu Ji snorted and made a sound ‘um’ in his throat. After thinking about it, his eyes were red again. He grabbed his mother’s hand and complained about what had just happened in the kindergarten, and finally said: “Later, I don’t want to take a nap in the senior class anymore! I don’t want to look at him anymore!!”

Li Juan coaxed the child and thought it was funny. It turned out that there was a conflict between the children. The two kids in the senior class were probably unintentional, but Liu Ji, this kid had been like this since he was a child. Although he was smart, talkative and adorable, he had a sensitive mind and always kept what others said unintentionally in his heart for a long time.

Li Juan kissed Liu Ji’s forehead and said, “That big brother may have just met you and didn’t recognize you when the class was over.”

Liu Ji frowned, looked at his mother, and hesitated: “Is that so?”

Li Juan: “Well, it must be! You think, he had already said that he wanted to play with you as a friend at noon. I’m sure he did not just say it casually. You are in the junior class and he is in the senior class, he can ignore you if he doesn’t want to play with you.”

Liu Ji suddenly figured it out. He felt that what his mother said was very right, absolutely right. And, Ye Fei recognized him at the time and waved at him, only Liu Xu didn’t recognize him. He thought, maybe he didn’t do it on purpose. Yes, it may be because he really didn’t recognize him at the time, just like the colleagues of his mother who he met on the road, he often didn’t recognize them when he met them for the second time.

Liu Ji suddenly breathed a sigh of relief when he thought of this. His face blushed, and he was embarrassed to think that he had been crying hard for so long.

Seeing that her son didn’t cry anymore, Li Juan figured it out, so she said, “After a while, you will eat first, and then go to bed after dinner, OK? Mom and Dad are going out today for work.”

Liu Xu was very obedient. He nodded and said okay.


T/N:    There’s an author note talking about how she loves Liu Xu x Liu Ji CP (Dousha x Little Liu Ji) and how Dousha might have turned into a scum gong. 

She also talked and guaranteed that Liu Heng absolutely did not like Zhou Yi’An or have any feelings for him. 

Well, that’s what she said and I’ll try to translate her notes when the translation is complete and enter the editing period.

Anyway, that’s all for this month.

Hope you enjoy this chapter and see you next month.

Have a nice day.



(P.S:    For some reasons, I can’t add the previous chapters on Novelupdates, so don’t forget to check on the main page for all the chapters.

Another note:            I’ll not drop this and will translate it till the end since this was my first English translation project.)

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