Dousha Bao – Chapter 008

Chapter 08

Ye AnNing, Wang YinCheng, and Shao ZhiWen entered Lao Liu’s office. There was a meeting table in front of his desk. Four people sat down at the meeting table. Lao Liu got straight to the point, “I am set on getting an exclusive interview with Liu Heng. Let’s talk about it. Do you have any idea about it?”

Ye AnNing and Shao ZhiWen both had a black leather notebook and a fountain pen in their hands. Wang YinCheng had only one bag with him. Ye AnNing raised the pen in her hand and said seriously: “I’ll come first.”

She said as she opened the notebook: “It is known in the circle that Liu Heng does not accept interviews. It is said that he is very low-key. I think there are only a few reasons why he does not accept interviews: First, Huarong is gaining momentum. As a CEO, keeping a low profile is beneficial to the entire company group; Second, he fears that his private life will be disrupted after the interview; Third, he has other reasons that he does not want to expose himself to the public eye. But in general, I think that it is not that Liu Heng does not accept interviews, it should be said that he does not accept interviews that will inquire into his private life. But our newspaper is only a local newspaper, and the interview is for the financial section, so there is still a possibility of winning.”

Shao ZhiWen turned his pen, wondering: ‘What nonsense are you talking about?’

Lao Liu nodded and looked at Shao ZhiWen who was turning his pen. Shao ZhiWen raised his head to meet Lao Liu’s sharp gaze. He immediately withered, and said, “I agree with what Editor Ye said, but the problem is what I’ve heard before. That surnamed Liu always put a stopper on all the interview requests. He wouldn’t answer any of the calls. All the calls are just transferred to the secretary department, and the secretary directly said that their boss would not accept interviews of any kind.”

Ye AnNing: “Isn’t there his private number?”

Shao ZhiWen turned to look at her: “If I can get his private number, I think I’m also not far from the dead.”

Although Shao ZhiWen was a little exaggerated, what kind of circle, people like Liu Heng would have; everyone was clear. ‘Ruthless and cold’.

Ye AnNing frowned: “I have a college classmate who is in charge of management in Huarong. I’ll ask her later. Maybe Liu Heng will consider and understand that the financial interview is only good for him, maybe he might even accept it.”

Shao ZhiWen said. : “Even if it is beneficial, he may not accept it. What do you think of his family background? No lack of money, no shortage of profits, no lack of fame. People simply do not accept the interview because of personal space.”

Ye AnNing seemed to have suddenly realized that, she flipped through the notebook in her hand and glanced up at Lao Liu: “Chief Editor, actually, this interview with Liu Heng may not be good. He has lived abroad for a long time, and there is only very little gossip. In terms of personal behavior, he values ​​personal space very much. And many companies care more about public relations and hope that financial newspapers will report on their company more in order to increase their visibility, but Huarong has not done any related behavior in the past three years. There is a lot of news that was even suppressed by them.”

Shao ZhiWen opened his mouth: “You also know that?”

Ye AnNing glanced at him, and put her fountain pen on the notebook as if she didn’t care: “You should at least do some homework!”

After speaking, she turned her eyes and looked at Wang Yincheng.


The table in front of Wang YinCheng was empty, there was nothing. He put his interlaced fingers on the table, his eyes hung down and it wasn’t known what he was thinking. Lao Liu turned his eyes to look at him. In fact, not only other people, but even Lao Liu had a wait-and-see attitude towards Wang Yincheng now. He felt that ChengZi indeed had a skill. But this kind of interview that one couldn’t even see in person or reach out was really a bit difficult. Probably ChengZi was still only suitable for doing things, and it was still lacking in terms of people.

Wang Yincheng raised his eyes, looked at Lao Liu, and said calmly: “No problem.”

“What?” Ye AnNing was quite surprised, then with a slight contempt on her face, “Please don’t make a joke, Editor Wang. Did you not hear what we said just now?”

Wang Yincheng said indifferently: “Just like Xiao Shao said, no one has Liu Heng’s phone number, and also, his attitude towards interviews is merely a guess because he has never accepted any kind of interviews, and no one has asked Liu Heng personally. Maybe the reason he didn’t accept interviews is not because he didn’t have time, nor because he wants to protect his personal space, namely any kinds of privacy or secrets. Perhaps he just thinks that —— ‘It doesn’t matter’.”

“It doesn’t matter?” Ye AnNing looked at Wang YinCheng like a joke, and her eyes were also full of contempt: “Editor Wang, even if you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense, okay?”

The tone of her words was absolutely impulsive, so that Shao ZhiWen and Lao Liu nearby couldn’t help frowning when they heard it.

Wang Yincheng turned his head and looked at Ye AnNing, with a calm expression: “Then how do you know that he cares about it?”

Ye AnNing was speechless, but still argued: “If he really doesn’t care, then why not accept the interview? Is this the way an indifferent person does things?”

Wang Yincheng nodded: “You are right. This is how normal people think. If it doesn’t matter, then just accept the interview, but Liu Heng, with that kind of personality, does not care, so he refuses to accept interviews.”

Ye AnNing: “.......”

She simply felt that she had no way to understand Wang Yincheng. Their brain circuits were not at the same level of thinking. She turned her head and rolled her eyes, and stopped talking.

Lao Liu found it very interesting: “Do you think this interview can be done?”

Wang Yincheng smiled: “It can be done or not, we are not the ones to decide. The chief editor has already made up his mind. What would the boss think if we said it cannot be done or impossible?”

Lao Liu: “Can you do it?”

Wang YinCheng smiled faintly: “I can.”

“Are you sure this will be in the next issue?”


Lao Liu patted the table, with a determined and serious look: “Fine! In any case, Liu Heng’s interview will be your responsibility! If you can’t do it, you will have to take responsibility.”

Wang Yincheng still nodded: “OK.”


When they came out of the chief editor’s office, Ye AnNing, her whole person was about to explode. She was thinking, what kind of person that newcomer, Wang YinCheng was? ‘He said OK and then it’s OK? Do you have any resources in hand? Do you think you have the ability to talk to Liu Heng? You’re a fart, yet you think too highly of yourself!!’

Ye Anning sat back in her seat with a look of anger, and the people around her got used to it. So, they took a glance at her and didn’t say anything.

After Wang YinCheng came out, Shao ZhiWen couldn’t still figure it out a little: “Editor Wang, is that special article really okay?”

Wang YinCheng turned his head and looked at Shao ZhiWen’s twisted eyebrows, he felt amused. This kid was too comical. “Yeah. Who said that we must see him in person for the special article? As long as he agrees to our newspaper office to use the prepared manuscript, isn’t it OK?”

Shao ZhiWen was a little unresponsive, turned his head and thought it was right, as long as they wrote a decent manuscript, and Liu Heng nodded assent to it after reading, then, that’s just it!?

After Wang YinCheng came out, the new intern Zhao TianLan led Wang YinCheng* to his own separate cubicle.

*(T/N: It was actually ‘Liu Heng’ in the raw. Maybe a typo? So, I changed it to ‘Wang YinCheng’.)

“Editor Wang, this is your office. I’ve just equipped you with office supplies and so on. If you see something missing, I will help you get it again.”

Wang Yincheng was arranged in a small compartment with southern exposure. Floor-to-ceiling windows, a desk, two rows of bookcases, the office was small but sufficient.

Wang Yincheng nodded: “Thank you.”

Zhao TianLan was almost dizzy by Wang YinCheng’s handsome face, and her face gradually became red. She just discussed with several colleagues about which superstar the new person in charge looked like, in the end, everyone agreed that he did not look like anyone, but because he did not look like any star, that handsome yet elegant face looked very unique. Especially the aura of Wang Yincheng’s entire person. Wow, Zhao TianLan felt that she was seeing sparkling stars and was about to faint. Handsome, so handsome. How could he be so handsome~~!!!

How would Wang Yincheng know about Zhao TianLan’s inner excitement? He just saw the face of the little girl in front of him become redder and redder, and finally ran away from the office with that tomato red face.


Wang YinCheng spent the whole morning searching for information about Liu Heng and Huarong Pharmaceutical Company in the internal system of the newspaper, but the outcome was really very small, most of which were external stock analysis.

Wang Yincheng took a look at those stock analyses and found that they were all conservative analyses based on K-line charts and recent financial markets and market sections, which were basically of no reference value.

Wang Yincheng took out his laptop from his bag, logged into QQ, and found someone in the finance and economics category.

*(T/N: □□ - the raw used it. I previously used “QQ” for it, so I will continue using QQ for it.)

【Cheng Yin: Are you online?】

【Beautiful Big Foot: Yeah. Little brother Yin, what’s up?】

【Cheng Yin: Can you get in touch with Liu Heng?】

【Beautiful Big Foot: Damn, I’m so miserable! Are you talking about Liu Heng from Huarong Pharmaceutical? Although I owed a debt of favor to someone like you last time, and I said that I would like to go through fire and water. But I think I’m very devoted to you, right? So, how about we talk about other ones? I have the number of the boss of Jiahe Film and Television, why don’t you give it a thought?】

【Cheng Yin: No, just Liu Heng’s. 】

【Beautiful Big Foot: Do you think it’s that easy? Shit! ! ! 】

【Cheng Yin: It’s up to you. After you made it, give me the contact details. 】

【Beautiful Big Foot: ………..… I will try. What are you going to do with it? I can only help you convey your words. 】

【Cheng Yin: OK. You ask him if he would do the exclusive interview with the financial section or not. If he reject, I’ll write the special article, take it and give him to have a look. Then, see if he will agree or not. 】

【Beautiful Big Foot: ........ When did you start writing exclusive interviews? 】

【Cheng Yin: We* are now the person in charge of the financial section of the local newspaper. You can retreat now! 】

【Beautiful Big Foot: Scum! ! 】

*(T/N: He used ‘朕’ which is the same as royal ‘we’.)

【Beautiful Big Foot: Wait! You are in H city?】

【Cheng Yin: Yes. 】

【Beautiful Big Foot: Great! I’m gonna fuck you up! I demand an offline meeting! ! I want a sugar daddy! ! You, are you still there?......Hey, hey ....... Are you still there? ? ? 】

Wang YinCheng logged out from QQ. He thought for a while, and felt that for the time being, he could only wait for news from there. He logged into the company’s internal CRM*, browsed the recent relevant operation of the department, and started today’s work.

*(T/N: CRM - Customer Relationship Management)


After they finished their lunch, the teacher of Dousha and his class took the children to take a nap in the lounge, covered everyone with a blanket each, and the one sleeping next to Dousha was Ye Fei.

The teacher counted the number of children, and confirmed that there were no missing people, and after checking that everyone was asleep, she left.

Dousha immediately opened his eyes, got up quietly, looked in the direction of the door, and lay down on his side after confirming that the door was closed. Ye Fei also opened his eyes, and the two little men leaned on their heads and muttered softly.

Ye Fei: “You said in the morning that you saw your mother yesterday?”

Dousha nodded, “Well, I saw it on my papa’s phone!”

Ye Fei: “I told you. If you go ask your papa, your papa will tell you.”

Dousha got angry when he thought about it: “No! I peeked at my papa’s phone yesterday and saw it in the album! He didn’t tell me!”

Ye Fei opened his mouth: “Huh?” After thinking about it, “Your papa didn’t tell you. How do you know that the person in the photo is your mother!?”

Dousha paused, raised his neck and looked around to confirm no other children pay attention to their side, and then lowered his voice: “Let me tell you, OK. That person is not my mother, but my other father!”

“Ah!?” Ye Fei was even more surprised, but he was only surprised for two seconds, and from the third second, he was very excited. He used to think that his family was quite special. Everyone else had a mother and a father, and only he had two fathers. He went to ask his father why it was like that and as a result, he was scared by him. It’s better now, it turned out that Dousha was the same as him, and he also had two fathers!!

Ye Fei was excited on the spot: “But you haven’t told me yet, how did you know it!?”

Dousha covered his mouth, and the golden-tea-colored eyes were filled with excitement: “I just know it. Just take a look and I know it! He looks a lot like me, and...” Dousha raised his finger and pointed at the center of his eyebrows: “He also has a mole there, which is exactly the same as mine!”

Ye Fei: “I know this. Adults always say this. It’s called what blood and something relationship, that is, the child born and the adult are resemble!”

Dousha curled his lips: “It’s blood relationship~~”

Ye Fei: “Yes, yes, that’s it! But, do you know where your other father is now?”

Dousha pursed his lips, snorted: “My papa did not tell me.”

Ye Fei: “Then, do other relatives in your family know about it?”

Dousha thought: “Even if they know, they certainly would not tell me!”


The two little guys leaned together and muttered head to head. The sound was not loud. The kids were all asleep, and no one noticed what they were talking about. However, Dousha kicked off the quilt diagonally, with his little calf sticking out, and directly crossed his little bed to another little bed on the other side.

The children sleep and where they put their head towards and where they put their feet are up to their own discretion. Dousha and Ye Fei were in the same direction, but the other child next to him was in the opposite direction. Dousha had already taken off his socks, and his little feet were so entangled (with the blanket) that they were placed directly on that child’s chest, with his nostrils directly facing the feet.

The child opened his eyes and looked at the feet on his chest, raising his hand and rubbing his eyes and found it was the feet of the child next to him. He skilfully adjusted himself a bit, and said in his sweet milky voice: “You kicked me!”

Dousha instantly reacted, he raised his neck and looked at the little boy, but he did not move his feet.

He frowned and glanced at the child suspiciously, only to realize that it was not a child in his class. Dousha was now in the senior class. The child seemed to be in the junior or middle class. Because there was no bed in his class, he only had to come and sleep in their class.

The little boy had dark eyes and short black hair. His eyes were very big, his cheeks were bulging with baby fat, and his small nose that had not yet developed was flat.

Dousha felt that the little boy in front of him was a bit familiar, and Ye Fei whispered in his ear: “Oh, oh, it’s him. Isn’t he that little prodigy from the junior class 3!?”

*(T/N: The classes are like 小班(junior class of kindergarten), 中班(middle class of kindergarten), 大班(senior class of kindergarten).
So, 小三班 is like junior class 3.)

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