Dousha Bao – Chapter 007

Chapter 07

Liu Heng did not let the nanny come over at night, and made dinner himself. 

Dousha already stopped crying, but his expression was colder than usual. He sat in the corner of the sofa with a look of “Stay away from me!” on his face, holding Liu Heng’s mobile phone in his small hands, looking down at the phone screen seriously, and sometimes, he would gently touch the screen with his small fingertips.

Dousha was already six years old, and had already passed the age of being fed. Dousha did not go to the table to eat his dinner. But Liu Heng just ignored him, and sat at the dining table to eat. 

The living room was filled with the smell of food. Dousha had been crying not long after he woke up from his afternoon nap, and he still hadn’t eaten anything this afternoon. He was really hungry at the moment. His stomach was growling. He was also drooling, and frowning from time to time while licking his lips. 

Liu Heng, sitting at the table, put down his chopsticks, and looked up at Dousha, “How long are you going to throw a tantrum?”

His facial features were firm and powerful, and his jaw line was perfect and as sharp as a knife. Most people were very afraid of him at times like when he was not talking and had no expression on his face, and he was more imposing and owned his own majesty when he spoke.

Dousha raised his eyes, and his long eyelashes flickered, he said all in his mind: I’m not afraid of you! You male tiger! Smelly tiger! Smelly bad Papa! 

Liu Heng’s temper was never good, and his patience was not enough. However, since he had Dousha, his temper had been worn down again and again by his son, obviously better than before. This was his own son, the little bastard. If it was someone else, he would have already smashed and thrown them out like a book.

Liu Heng sighed inwardly. His son was really different from other children. He won’t cry when he was beaten or scolded. He would only look at you coldly forever, and his golden-tea-colored eyes flashed with a vicious expression. It was good that he was still small, when he grew up then, he would inevitably be a ruthless character, much more ruthless than himself (LH).

Liu Heng was defeated. He stood up and walked to the edge of the sofa. He sat face to face with Dousha: “Say, what do you want?”

Dousha lowered his eyes and didn’t move. After a few seconds, he slowly raised his neck and looked at Liu Heng vigilantly, “You can’t fool me! You just want to coax me to eat.”

Liu Heng now wanted to pull his sleeves up and beat the little wolf cub violently, but he dared not, really dared not. This kid was beaten by him once before, and Dousha never shed a drop of tears even after the beating. It was his grandmother who cried herself blind, hit Liu Heng with her fist, and said: ‘Why are you arguing with a child? He is still so young! Are you going to kill him?’ 

Dousha stood there motionless at the time, his eyes were faint, saying, ‘It’s okay, grandma, you let him hit me. He can only hit me for a few years anyway. When I grow up, he will have no chance to hit me.’

Liu Heng shook his head and rubbed Dousha’s little head: “I must have a word with you, you are very rude today!”

Dousha’s lips twitched, and formed a practiced sneer: “I don’t like that man. I won’t admit that he is your boyfriend, and he will not be my mother in the future!”

Liu Heng nodded: “I know what you think, but have you ever thought that your personal behavior and emotions have seriously affected the people around you? First, I have never said that he will be your mother in the future. This is all your own imagination. Second, you don’t respect me. I am your father. I have the right to choose my lover, but you use your preferences to impose on my choice. “

Dousha frowned as he listened till Liu Heng finished talking. He slowly digested what Liu Heng meant, his little hands holding upon the phone did not let go from beginning to end. After a long while, he nodded and said in all seriousness: “I understand. I was really wrong earlier, I apologize. But, you don’t respect me either. I’m only six years old, but you made me have no mother since I was a baby. You are not a qualified father.”

After saying that, he got up and handed the phone to Liu Heng, “I want this photo. You send it to my little phone. I’ll take a shower myself and go to bed after dinner. I don’t want to see you again today.”

After that, he sat down at the dining table and ate his dinner.

Liu Heng held his mobile phone and the veins on his forehead exploded. His IQ and EQ were inherited from him, right? Sure enough, this was his own child, really just like him in his childhood.


After he finished eating, Dousha went upstairs, took a bath himself and sleep, locking the door. 

Liu Heng washed the dishes and went back to his room, and sent the photo to Dousha’s little smartphone. 

He didn’t take a shower, sitting on the bedside, thinking about a question. After a while, he took out his phone and dialed a number: “Check one thing for me, whether the surrogacy agency I used is still there or not.”

The person on the other end of the phone was obviously surprised: “You are crazy.......”

“No!” Liu Heng suddenly denied what he had just said: “Take it as I didn’t say anything before. I’m hanging up.”

He threw the phone on the bed and got up; he went downstairs and entered the study. 

*(Rabbit (the author): Liu Gong doesn’t like the scumbag (ZYA) ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!! He has not tasted what it is like to love in the past 30 years.) 


Wang YinCheng went to the newspaper office the next day. Lao Liu was very dedicated, he specially woke up early this morning and waited for Wang YinCheng downstairs. 

When waiting for the elevator in the morning, there were a lot of people. Lao Liu and Wang YinCheng stood in the crowd, Lao Liu said, “How do you feel?”

Wang YinCheng shrugged and thought about it seriously: “It’s really my first time going to work. It’s also a new experience for the first time in my life, but I still feel okay.”

This was also what Lao Liu was worried about. Wang YinCheng’s personality was inherently more indifferent than ordinary people. After Wang YinCheng left the university, all the works he had done were freelance jobs and did not have much contact with many people. Of course, he knew that Wang YinCheng had enough strength for this job. But the office was a real wicked place. The ones who could climb to the top were often not the ones with the highest level of ability, let alone there were other types of people; the ones who could flatter the boss, the ones who could step on others to reach the top, there were all types of people. Your ability was not necessarily needed to be strong, you were not necessarily needed to butter someone up, but it was necessary to know the most suitable place for you and have the ability to grab and put yourself in it.

Lao Liu patted Wang YinCheng on the shoulder: “Relax, don’t worry, the first thing you have to do is to get a big news report, and that’s enough!”

Wang YinCheng smiled and said nothing. He knew Lao Liu was worried for him. In fact, he also doubted whether he could adapt to the nine-to-five shift of office work style, but he felt that Lao Liu seemed more worried than him. 

There were a total of six elevators on the first floor of the lobby. Lao Liu took Wang YinCheng up to the easternmost one on his left hand. Before Wang YinCheng entered, he heard Lao Liu next to him sigh softly and said: “Fuck!”

Wang YinCheng followed in the direction of Lao Liu’s line of sight; he found that it was a woman with long bangs, black-rimmed glasses and a pale pink suit. There was no expression on the woman’s face, but because of the people entering the elevator and squeezing around, she impatiently gave in to the corner and rolled her eyes. 

Lao Liu curled his lips, but didn’t say anything, as if he didn’t see her, and he entered the elevator. Wang YinCheng followed in, and then turned around, and Lao Liu stood just behind him.

No one was talking in the elevator, everyone was silent, and Wang YinCheng was not surprised. How many people could possibly know each other in a building? How many people could one person be well acquainted with? The fast-paced life made everyone exhausted, and there was a thick wall between people. When they barely know each other, no one would deliberately call out just for a greeting. No one wants to invest too much in a relationship. What’s more, they had to come here early in the morning and had not yet entered the state of work. Most of the white-collar workers had not fully awoken yet, nor were they ready for a new day of work and life.

Wang YinCheng thought about it, his thoughts were a little erratic. He thought this topic was good. If he didn’t do the finance section but the life and activity section instead, he could use this as the key topic of the next issue. 


Lao Liu’s office was on the twelfth floor and they arrived very soon. Lao Liu and Wang YinCheng got off the elevator together, and at this time, there was a female voice coming behind them suddenly: “Chief Editor Liu!”

Wang YinCheng and Lao Liu looked back together and saw that it was that woman they saw in the elevator just now. The woman, carrying her bag, hurried out of the elevator to catch up with them, her eyes swept across Wang YinCheng’s face, and asked in a questioning tone: “This is?”

Lao Liu smiled, “Oh, Xiao Ye, this is Wang YinCheng, the person in charge of the finance and economic section in the future.”

Ye An’ning smiled, yet her expression was very unnatural. She greeted Wang YinCheng with a look in her eyes: “Editor Wang looks very young!”

Wang YinCheng smiled and looked at Ye An’ning, he said nothing. He thought that JuanZi’s eyes were still as venomous and sharp as before. The top student in front of him was indeed not bad, but her temperament was completely opposite to her face. The eyes were sharp and direct, the corners of her mouth drooped slightly, and the cheeks were a little bulging, giving people the feeling of owing her two million yuan. 

The three of them entered the office together. Ye An’ning smiled and greeted her colleagues and sat back in her seat. Lao Liu introduced Wang YinCheng to all his colleagues in the lobby. 

Many people were stunned when they saw Wang YinCheng. They didn’t expect the new person in charge to be so young and so......good-looking. His golden-tea-colored eyes swept a glance into the office, and many unmarried girls in their twenties started to feel dizzy in their heads.

Shao ZhiWen took the lead in clapping, and his colleagues were also very friendly, clapping one after another.

Wang YinCheng simply said a few words, he said nothing more than introducing himself as a newcomer, and that he would be relying on his colleagues for help in the future, and he would have to ask them if there were things he didn’t understand. The attitude was neither haughty nor humble, but he put himself in a position of neither high nor too low, and also did not hold the air of the person in authority. The colleagues also breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the new person in charge was also a good person. 

Lao Liu observed Wang YinCheng from the side and found that ChengZi (WYC) still had changed somehow after so many years. Maybe because of too many swift twists and turns he experienced in life when he was young, he had suffered and endured a lot before but his life had finally calmed down at this point.* The whole person was still indifferent, but calm and not arrogant, and he knew how to talk and how to get along with others.

After seeing it was almost time to work, Lao Liu coughed: “Okay, let’s go back to work. Xiao Ye, Xiao Shao, ChengZi, you all follow me.”

After a pause, he looked in one direction: “Editor Wang will come out later. Is there anyone of you who can help me arrange the desk for him? Oh, also the office supplies and stationery.”

Someone immediately replied: “Okay!”


[It is very clear to tell everyone that Liu Gong doesn’t like the scumbag, not even a bit. He is just very sensible, and now he hasn’t met Cheng Zi yet. The two of them haven’t even said a word. So, everyone feel at ease, Cheng Zi is his real match-made-in-heaven! ! 】

*(It’s the author. 👆)


The author has something to say:

Everyone feels at ease. It is impossible for a scumbag to go well in everything......

*( T/N: 发现这么多年成子还是有些许变化的,年青时刺棱的菱角大概也被生活磨平了 – This is the original line. I just translated as above because this part: 刺棱的菱角 is a bit hard for me to translate directly. If you find there is something wrong, please feel free to tell me.)

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