Dousha Bao – Chapter 005

Chapter 05

Liu Heng took Dousha back to his room and put the child on the bed. Dousha twisted his body to resist, neither yelled nor cried, but kept struggling, and his little fists were still tightly clenched. He glared fiercely at his father with a pair of eyes full of anger.

Suddenly, Liu Heng laughed out loud. Over this many years, he felt that his son’s character was too weak. He had never seen his son crying or laughing loudly like other children. Dousha was just like a porcelain doll, did not have much emotion, did not have many preferences, to be honest, he really was not interested in anything.

If he remembered it right, this was the first time he saw his son getting so angry in this way, revealing a sad and hurt expression like a little animal, and shouting fiercely like a little beast, all in all, this was the first time his son showed so many emotions and expressions in front of him.

‘This should be how a six-year-old child acts like!’ Liu Heng thought to himself.

“Don’t make trouble!” Liu Heng stared at his son’s golden-tea-colored eyes and extended his finger, tapping the space between the child’s eyebrows. “If you keep making trouble, I won’t tell you who that person is in that photo.”

“I don’t need you to tell me! I already know who that person is!” Dousha snorted and pouted, expressing he didn’t need Liu Heng here. But, he really stopped making trouble; he lay quietly on the bed and glared back at his dear father.

Liu Heng rubbed Dousha’s hair and got downstairs.


Zhou Yi’an did not enter the house and stood in the doorway, smoking. He felt that everything was not going well today. Ever since the landing of the plane and his feet touched the ground, not one thing was going well.

A few hours ago, he threw a fit at Liu Heng without a care. After he went back to take a bath, changed his clothes, and ate a bit of something, he thought about it over and over again, and finally, he decided to come here.

In the relationship with Liu Heng, he had always been the active one. Liu Heng was always busy with his career and his son, and he also had to busy himself to travel abroad just to meet him (ZYA) when Zhou Yi’an was still living abroad. Zhou Yi’an believed he was not a narrow-minded person and he had always been very considerate of Liu Heng, but what happened just now was too damn disappointing!

He had already lowered himself and came looking for Liu Heng first. He didn’t expect to actually encounter the scenes of Liu Heng’s son making trouble and asking for his mother, and that boy even said that he didn’t want to see him?! Isn’t it clearly saying ‘Get lost’ to his face?

But he really didn’t expect Liu Heng’s son to be so resistant to him like just now.

When Zhou Yi’an started smoking a second cigarette, Liu Heng came out. He was still wearing the room slippers, without a tie and a few shirt buttons unbuttoned, revealing a strong neck and collarbones.

Zhou Yian took a breath, turned his head and squinted at Liu Heng, and sneered: “Should I return your house keys back to you?”

Liu Heng didn’t speak, leaning against the wall at the door, folded his arms across the chest and looked at Zhou Yi’an, his expression was the usual indifference: “Today, it’s my fault. You have suffered.”

Zhou Yian turned around and threw away the cigarette in his hand: “I’ve suffered?! Liu Heng, do you really only think that you’ve made me lose face and that’s why you need to apologize?!!!”

Liu Heng remained silent, but raised his eyebrows. He was already used to the way of getting along with Zhou Yi’an, very peaceful, easy and comfortable. There were no waves or disputes. Zhou Yi’an was actually very good. He was not a noisy and demanding person, had no excessive demands, independent in every aspect, had a mind to balance between work and life, but he was also a man who knows how to best maintain a romantic relationship at the same time and a man living a good life.

This seemed to be the first time in four years; Zhou Yi’an showed such an uneasy and anxious look. Today Liu Heng had a really eye-opening experience. First, it was his son, and now, it was his lover.

Liu Heng hooked his lips and pulled Zhou Yi’an into his arms. Liu Heng was about 190 cm tall, and so, Zhou Yi’an’s 180 cm height was nothing much in front of him. He held Zhou Yi’an and patted his back like patting a child, there was a smile in his eyes and said: “I’m really unlucky today. My son is going crazy, and you also threw a fit. Maybe you guys will start stepping on my head* after two days?”

*(T/N: ride/step on one’s head - to dominate, to rule over, to be disrespectful)

In their relationship, usually, Liu Heng did not coax people easily. If he did that, it meant he was showing that he really cared about him, or on the other hand, it could be that he was in a good mood and very patient today.

Zhou Yi’an was relieved silently in his heart. Fortunately, it seemed that it was not because of his son and Liu Heng also didn’t alienate him on purpose. Thank goodness!

He hugged Liu Heng back and sighed: “Dousha doesn’t seem to like me very much.”

Liu Heng thought for a while: “You too shouldn’t bother with a six-year-old child who doesn’t have a mother.”

Zhou Yi’an nodded: “I understand. Children usually want to monopolize everything. It seems like it’s really impossible for me to live together with you.”

Liu Heng: “When Dousha goes to elementary school, it should be a little better.”

He hadn’t become a father yet and now he had to be a stepfather, Zhou Yi’an feels that this was quite difficult. “You say, what if Dousha will always keep on hating me, then, what shall we do?”

This time, Liu Heng did not answer, and Zhou Yi’an also stopped speaking after asking this question, knowing that he had crossed the line.


When he had started the relationship with Liu Heng, Zhou Yian knew that Liu Heng was not a man who would easily fall in love with someone. This man had his own unique self-control. He strictly controlled and balanced his life and work: how to arrange things, which things to do at what suitable time, what kind of people he should meet, he could even manage and control his own emotions very well. Zhou Yi’an understood such a man. Instead of having to deal with uncontrollable and unstable feelings, what Liu Heng needed was a lover who can control their own feelings, understand their place, would not make unnecessary trouble, and not too demanding.

When he first got together with Liu Heng, it was Zhou Yi’an who was willing to play such a role. Such a lover, he told Liu Heng that he was also such a person at that time. Compared with the impulsive feelings, he also needed a lover who was stable and could always accompany him the rest of his life.

Therefore, in this relationship between Liu Heng and Zhou Yi’an, both parties behaved peacefully and comfortably. When they were suitable, they would still be together, but they would break up at once when they were not. They would not talk about the past and would not discuss the future either. They both wanted the other party to not have wild hopes or develop unnecessary feelings and imaginations that are not needed.

They are together; rather than saying they were in love, but more like two people living comfortably and passing days together.

Liu Heng didn’t answer Zhou Yi’an’s question, obviously he didn’t take it seriously either. He patted Zhou Yi’an’s back: “Go back and have a good rest.  Then, come out to eat together tomorrow.”

Zhou Yi’an only said, “Uhm”. When he left, he laughed at himself.

After going downstairs*, Zhou Yian lit another cigarette. He turned his head to look upstairs**, then turned and left. 

*(T/N: I don’t know, maybe Liu Heng’s place is at an apartment or a condo.
** That place should be more like ‘at the building/house’)

At that moment, he suddenly thought of Wang YinCheng. Remembering that many years ago, they rented a small room outside near the school. At that time, they had a good relationship. Zhou Yian had more classes, and Wang YinCheng who had nothing much to do, would go to the market to buy food and cook.

At that time, Zhou Yian could smell a whiff of delicious dishes in the corridor every night when he went back. He walked back to their small room step by step and opened the door to see the bright lights. Wang YinCheng would come out of the kitchen holding the dishes, wearing an apron. Because it was summer, the weather was very hot, but there was no air conditioner in the living room and the kitchen, only a large ceiling fan was spinning. Wang YinCheng heard the sound and would raise his head, his forehead and the tip of his nose were sweating, and the golden-tea-colored eyes flashed with a hint of excitement when he lifted his head, but he would quickly suppress it after that. He would just faintly smile at him and said: “Come in quickly. Let’s eat.”

But now, after all, it was just a piece of memory in Zhou Yi’an’s mind. For so many years abroad, every time he felt lonely, Zhou Yi’an allowed himself to think about Wang YinCheng, the little boy who once belonged to him, recalling the many of past events between them, along with that boy’s beautiful face and gentle eyes.

But today, this had nothing to do with allowed or not allowed to think, he couldn’t help but remember those things in the past, recalling many incomplete and scattered pieces of memories in his mind.

He took out his phone and dialed a number: “Hi, Zhou Yan, it’s me..... Yes, I’m back....... OK, when shall we meet and eat together........ Hey, do you still remember Wang YinCheng?... Yeah, yeah, it’s him......... I haven’t seen him for a long time. I heard that he has come to H city recently, and I want to ask if you have his number.......... OK, no problem... OK, then I’ll have to trouble you........”

After Zhou Yi’an left, Liu Heng did not immediately go upstairs to appease Dousha. He gave himself ten minutes; he stood at the window and silently thought about a problem.


The author has something to say: 

The scum man was missing the past at this time and wanted to get back together with ChengZi!


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