Dousha Bao – Chapter 003

Chapter 03

Liu Heng drove onto the West Ring Elevated Highway. An unknown piece of light music, which only had the tunes without lyrics, was played in the car. The car was slightly air-conditioned, but the temperature wasn’t very low.

Liu Heng held the steering wheel in one hand, and placed the other hand loosely on it. His fingertips were tapping on the steering wheel along with the tune, and he asked: “What are you thinking?”

“It’s nothing.” Zhou Yi’an replied, his voice was very low and had no enthusiasm.

After Zhou Yi’an got in the car, he didn’t speak, and had been silent all along. The scene he had met face to face with Wang YinCheng just now continuously played in his mind, of course, what he minded the most was those indifferent eyes of Wang YinCheng.

‘It should be like this’, Zhou An’an thought to himself. They’ve been broken up for six years. From the beginning, they broke up after making clear of almost all the feelings between them and they had no contact after that. It was totally impossible for them to get back together. So, when they ran into each other again after six years and it was nothing more than just an eye contact. It was only right that there should be no feelings or ideas that shouldn’t have or are unnecessary from the start.

Still, Zhou Yi’an couldn’t help but keep thinking; what was Wang YinCheng thinking when he saw him just now? What was he thinking about? Why was his expression so cold and indifferent? It was as if he didn’t know him at all! And, that kind of look was an expression that Zhou Yi’an had never seen before. Wang YinCheng was very indifferent to people and even to his friends and the people around him, but that obviously did not include him, Zhou Yi’an. In the past, Wang YinCheng always looked at him with gentle and soft eyes and his expression was always warm, he would even smile very often.

What was he thinking about? Wang YinCheng might hate him very much now, right? Was that why he (WYC) deliberately pretended to be calm and indifferent when he saw him (ZYA)? Or, did he (WYC) simply and completely forget about him (ZYA) and did not plan to take him seriously?

Zhou Yi’an felt very complicated. Various emotions and thoughts mixed together in his heart, he tried to make a sigh of relief. He really didn’t know anymore, he felt so uncomfortable as if he was sitting on pins and needles.

So, he didn’t even notice in which direction Liu Heng was going, and where he was going to send him off now.

After driving for more than an hour, the car arrived at the destination. Only then, Zhou Yi’an noticed that Liu Heng had sent him to his home (ZYA).

Zhou Yi’an looked at Liu Heng with a surprised expression, and smiled dryly: “I thought you would take me to your house.”

Liu Heng unfastened his seat belt and turned his head to touch Zhou Yi’an’s cheek: “Dousha has been losing his temper recently, and his mood is very bad. If you come, you may have to suffer under his anger.”

Zhou Yi’an had to put aside Wang YinCheng’s incident for a while; “I don’t mind!”

Liu Heng smiled faintly, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes: “Get some rest today, okay? Then, we’ll go out for dinner tomorrow.”

Zhou Yi’an was even more surprised. “Are you doing something tonight?”

He would ask this, entirely because during the four years he spent with Liu Heng, he knew that this man was very abstinent but also very indulgent. He was absolutely loyal to his lover, psychologically and physiologically. Since he never messed around outside, so every time the two met after a period of time, Liu Heng would never hold up and he would do him almost immediately, and even in an extremely unrestrained way.

But today, Liu Heng actually said that they would go out to eat tomorrow. So, he would do nothing today?!!

Liu Heng nodded and did not hide: “Dousha is going to primary school this year, but he is very resistant. I’ve been busy trying to change his mind every day recently.”

Zhou Yi’an smiled, but that was a very rigid smile. He unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car: “Whatever.”

Zhou Yi’an had a bad temper. He knew that for Liu Heng, his son was very important. It was just that he didn’t expect that Liu Heng would have such a lukewarm attitude when he returned to China. There was no hesitation to part between lovers or the sweetness between the two like a newlywed couple. Instead, it seemed like there was a layer of gauze or a layer of mist separating them. Liu Heng sent him back directly to his home, and repeatedly emphasized that he wanted to go back to accompany his son!

Zhou Yi’an slammed the car door, made a salute to the car, and then he turned around and left.


Liu Heng’s hands rested on the steering wheel, and his fingers tapped the steering wheel for a while. Once Zhou Yi’an’s figure disappeared from his sight, he took out his mobile phone.

He opened the photo he had taken in the parking lot earlier. In the photo, it shows the face of a man. The man was standing next to the car, his expression was indifferent, his skin was quite white and his facial features were very exquisite.

Liu Heng pulled his fingers on the photo, enlarging the photo, and then moved the photo to the center of the man’s eyebrow. Right in the center of that man’s eyebrows, there was a very small cinnabar mole.


Liu Heng was very familiar with that cinnabar mole. He had seen that kind of bright red cinnabar mole almost every day. It had the same size and color, and in the same location.

And that person was his own son.


Liu Heng put away his phone and started the car to leave.

When he got home, Dousha was taking a nap, his little body curled up on the sofa, snoring ‘hu hu’ and pouting his little soft mouth even in his sleep. In his arms, he was holding a new toy car that was bought just a few days ago.

Liu Heng threw his coat and bag on the other side of the sofa. The nanny came out of the kitchen, she said hello to Liu Heng, and went back to the kitchen.

Sitting on the sofa, Liu Heng raised his hand and touched his son’s little head. Dousha stumbled in his sleep and turned his little body, facing his small and round buttock towards Liu Heng. Liu Heng’s cold eyes showed a warm and gentle expression. He touched his son’s hair again with love and care, then raised his hand, and gently pulled the little bangs on the child’s forehead to the side, exposing the smooth and white forehead and beautiful eyebrows.

Liu Heng’s index finger traced his son’s forehead and eyebrows tenderly, and finally stopped on the cinnabar mole, located in the center of eyebrows, but leaning a bit to the left side.

When Dousha was just born, no one noticed a small mole on his forehead. It took for a while before the baby no longer had red and wrinkled skin and his facial features became distinct, only then the family members noticed that there actually was a beauty mark between his eyebrows. Although the Liu family did not agree with Liu Heng’s practice of having children through surrogacy, at any rate, the Liu family would not necessarily have to end their family line with this practice. In addition, the child Liu Heng had through surrogacy was a ‘son’, a particularly white, tender and beautiful son. So, this basically shut up all the mouths of the Liu family, and no one said anything about Liu Heng’s matter.

Liu Heng named his son ‘Liu Xu’, but didn’t know when they started calling him with the nickname of ‘Dousha’. Now, the Liu family and friends around him know that Liu Heng has a very tender and beautiful young son with a distinct and beautiful cinnabar mole between the eyebrows. When the little baby grew up, he would turn into a great beauty who could take people’s breath away.

When Dousha was still young, he looked very similar to Liu Heng in five or six points, especially the eyebrows and nose. However, after he grew up a bit, the Liu family including Liu Heng found that the eyebrows of little Dosha began to grow, and the mouth, chin and eyes did not resemble Liu Heng anymore, but he grew up more and more beautiful; a kind of beauty beyond words. It was especially those golden-tea-colored eyes and long eyelashes, which made him look like a porcelain doll of a little angel.

Those people in the same generation as Liu Heng’s father didn’t say anything about it, but several of siblings and cousins in the same generation of Liu Heng had mentioned it in private: the child probably took after his mother and grew more and more like that person. His eyebrows were so beautiful and he would surely grow up to a big beauty that would cause trouble and bring disasters to people! Liu Heng’s face was indifferent, but he felt funny in his heart. Did it matter who he took after? What difference would it make? Anyway, it was he, Liu Heng’s son, and no one could take him away!

Liu Heng took out his mobile phone again, went to the photo gallery and opened the photo. Looked at the phone screen and then looked back at his son’s sleeping face, there may be some contrasts, but the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, even the ear and ear lobes, and their face shape, these features were all exactly the same, especially the eyebrows of both the child and that man, just like a complete replica.

There was a commotion stirring in Liu Heng’s heart, and he had to suppress it with a force. He threw the phone on the sofa, picked up Dousha and walked towards Dousha’s room. He didn’t understand why he was so anxious, it was not necessary at all, and it was also inevitable that there would be a chance that they would come across each other. This city was nothing more than a place, it can be taken as big or small as one wished. But, it was just..... He had never thought that the blood relationship would be this deep. The bigger Dousha grew up, the more and more he looked like that person who gave birth to him. Now, he (LH) actually recognized that person even at the first glance at the airport.

There was no need for any paternity test or medical report, just took a look at him and Liu Heng was very sure of it: it was that person!

Liu Heng took his son to his own room, put the child on the bed and covered it with a small quilt. He patted his son’s back for a while, then closed the door and went out.


The house that Lao Liu arranged for Wang YinCheng was in the downtown area. It had two bedrooms and one living room. It was fully-furnished and people could live in it anytime.

Shao ZhiWen gave the key to Wang YinCheng, and took him upstairs, but he was still a little bit preoccupied.

Wang YinCheng put the laptop on the sofa, and when he turned his head, he saw Shao ZhiWen’s frowning expression, it looked like he was pondering over something. Since they left from the airport, that kid’s expression was very serious. He looked at Shao ZhiWen and asked, “What are you worried about?”

Shao ZhiWen looked up: “Ah? Oh, nothing. I was wondering why the car I just collided with was so familiar.”

After a pause, he opened his eyes with excitement and told Wang YinCheng vigorously: “You know there was a change in the financial and economic section of H city in recent years and there was also a newly appointed CEO, right? It was the CEO of Huarong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. I followed with the head of our department when he tried to have an interview with that CEO six months ago. We asked and begged for it so many times and even secretly followed his car. I didn’t notice it when I was at the airport. But when I thought about it again, it seemed that the car I had just bumped into was his car.”

Wang YinCheng sat on the sofa, took a glass from the coffee table, poured water, and he squinted his eyes: “So what?”

Shao ZhiWen also sat down with an inquisitive expression on his face: “I’m so sure that the car just now was his car. No, it’s definitely his! But who was the man that got out of the car earlier? Is it his friend or his relative? Or could it be that there was a change in the executive level in his company recently? Or, is he creating a new management team out of nowhere?”

Shao ZhiWen touched his chin, and the curiosity could not be suppressed. This was not just for his own gossip. Originally, when they were making news, they had to make more exciting and outrageous news so that they could attract ordinary people’s attention and curiosity. And, when they were chasing news, they had to be quick and more competent to capture the updated information than ordinary people.

Wang YinCheng took a sip of water, his expression was faint, and his long bangs covered his face. Was it the CEO of Huarong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.? He thought he probably knew a little bit more than that kid from the opposite side of the table. Zhou Yi’an should not be a relative or a friend or a company executive. The relationship between those two may be a bit more intimate and secretive.

Shao ZhiWen suddenly patted his thigh and raised his eyebrows, expressing his excitement: “Yes, yes, yes! I remembered! Lao Liu seemed to have said before that he wants to do an exclusive interview with that CEO, and our finance section has to do it!!!”

Wang YinCheng raised his eyes, looking serious: “You mean specialized profile interview?”

Shao ZhiWen nodded: “Yes. Lao Liu said that the first thing he wanted to do after taking the office was to have an exclusive interview with that person. It is said that that person still hasn’t accepted any interviews with any newspaper or magazine yet. He is way too low-key.”

Wang YinCheng thought about the recent mainstream magazines and newspapers. Indeed, only very few high-level news from Huarong Pharmaceutical company were heard. However, there were many good specialized columns and sections dedicated to the analysis of Huarong Pharmaceutical’s stock.

Shao ZhiWen didn’t stay for a long time before he left. It was still his working hour. It was the order of Lao Liu to pick Wang YinCheng up, but he also had other works on hand and it was not good to delay.

He didn’t forget to remind Wang YinCheng at the door before leaving: “Turn right at the gate and there will be a large supermarket. If you turn left, there is a vegetables market, and then if you go in the direction of the back of the apartment, there is a commercial street. This neighborhood is really a bustling place. If you can’t find the way, you can ask people.”

Wang YinCheng nodded: “Ok.”

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