Dousha Bao – Chapter 002

Chapter 02

The man Zhou Yi’an was waiting for was his current lover. The two met in the United States when they were studying abroad. He was the heir of a family-owned enterprise. He was quite young, only two years older than Zhou Yi’an. The two fell in love for four years. For the first two years, they were together in the same city and same place, as for the last two years, they were in a long-distance relationship. Zhou Yi’an was very satisfied with Liu Heng. This man was very good in every aspect. He was handsome, came from an upper class family, and had everything in his hands. He had already come out with his family and would not marry in the future. If the only thing that made Zhou Yi’an not satisfied with that Mr. Perfect was that Liu Heng had a six-year-old son.

It was said that when Liu Heng came out of the closet, his family was so anxious about him cutting off the family line in the future. So, he simply sought someone out to surrogate and gave birth to a son. That act finally cut off his family’s idea of ​​letting him marry and have children so that there would still be someone to burn the incense.*

*(T/N: Have someone to burn the incenses – have children, have the descendants to continue the family line)

Liu Heng’s son was called Liu Xu, and his nickname was “Dousha”*. Zhou Yi’an had only seen him once. At that time, Dousha was only four-year-old, and his face was all sullen. No matter who it was, he was looking at them grumpily with an unhappy face. At that time, the pouting little Dousha was hugged in the arms of Liu Heng and when Zhou Yi’an went nearer to tease him; the little boy rolled his eyes and twisted his little body in Liu Heng’s arms to show his resistance.

That was the time Zhou Yi’an met Dousha. At that time, his eyes were calmly studying at the facial features of that pair of father and son. He had to admit that indeed, they really were ‘father and son’. The blood relationship between them could never be severe and their appearances really resembled.


However, he didn’t know who the child’s personality took after. He was not close to anyone. Never mind about Zhou Yi’an, the little boy was not even close to his grandparents, nor all of his big aunts and little aunties at home. Maybe because he was born with that personality, he didn’t like to be hugged nor people getting close to him. He just liked to sit in a corner and play with the building blocks on his own or just being lost in his own world.

At that time when Liu Heng was taking a shower, Zhou Yi’an went closer to Dousha and asked: “Do you want a mother?”

The child looked up from playing with the building blocks. He gave a cold glance at Zhou Yi’an, and said, “What does that have to do with you?”


Zhou Yi’an sat in the corner waiting for Liu Heng, his thoughts were a little bit complicated, but his eyes were still staring at Wang YinCheng’s direction.

For so many years, it’s not like Zhou Yi’an had never thought or missed about Wang YinCheng, nor he didn’t want to be in contact with that person. But he knew Wang YinCheng’s character. Wang YinCheng was apathetic by nature. He was indifferent to everything.

Zhou Yi’an had only sat down for a while, and he saw that Wang YinCheng was picking things up and preparing to leave. His first thought was that Wang YinCheng found him, but when Wang YinCheng’s cell phone rang, he mocked himself for his willful thoughts: Wang YinCheng might be waiting for someone.

Wang YinCheng answered the phone and walked out. Just then, the cafe’s door was pushed open, Liu Heng walked in from the outside, and the two passed by.


That moment made Zhou Yi’an’s heart race. He had never mentioned about Wang YinCheng to Liu Heng. He only said lightly of his past that there was a lover, but later, they just broke up because their personalities were unmatched and it was when he was preparing to go study abroad. Liu Heng also didn’t ask much about it at that time.

In Zhou Yian’s heart, he did not want Liu Heng to know his past.


After Wang YinCheng left, Zhou Yi’an was relieved. He stood up, looked at Liu Heng with a smile. There was no unnecessary expression on Liu Heng’s robust face; his facial features were strong and exquisite. His eyebrows had a hint of Western Europeans, very thick. When he looked at you, you would have a strange feeling of being sucked in. Looking at Zhou Yi’an, Liu Heng also ticked the corners of his lips, and the cold expression on his face softened a little.

The two did not sit down. Liu Heng took the luggage beside Zhou Yi’an’s feet and said, “Let’s go.”

Zhou Yi’an nodded. They paid the bill, and then the two left the café.


Shao ZhiWen hurried to the airport and finally arrived at the airport as quickly as possible. According to Lao Liu, the person he was going to meet today would be the pillar of the future office and his teacher in the future. He dared not slack off a little bit at all.

Shao ZhiWen met with Wang YinCheng at the gate of the airport. His whole person was full of excitement.

Today, Wang YinCheng was wearing a simple T-shirt and white jeans. His soft hair covering his head was tucked and the bangs were a bit long. His hair was a little bit yellow, but Wang YinCheng had a very good temperament, so he looked very handsome. His facial features are of typical Asian faces, but the skin was not so pale. If he had to use Lao Liu’s words to describe him, that already-a-big-man-in-his-twenties really looked like a beautiful doll.

Shao ZhiWen had read several financial reviews written by Wang YinCheng, and all of those were very straightforward and outrageous, especially in the area of ​​corporate risk management. Wang YinCheng was simply a fighter among experts. He had also imagined in his mind what Wang YinCheng would look like; maybe with a bald head and a big and round belly or maybe someone who was lean or very skinny. However, after meeting Wang Yin in person, Shao ZhiWen had to sigh with sincere regrets in his heart. ‘Do you really have to be this young and handsome, huh? Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!’

When Wang YinCheng approached him, Shao ZhiWen kept telling himself; ‘Calm down! You have to calm down!’

Wang YinCheng walked in front of Shao ZhiWen, shook hands politely with him, and smiled slightly: “You are Xiao Shao, right? Hello. I’m Wang YinCheng.”

In his heart, Shao ZhiWen wept in bitter tears and hugged that big thigh*. But, on the surface, he nodded heavily, “Hello, Editor Wang.  I’ll go and get the car. Please wait for me at the airport entrance.”

Wang YinCheng smiled, “No need. I’ll go with you.”

Shao ZhiWen continued to hug that big thigh in his heart. ‘Wow! How approachable and amiable? And, a genial person too! Where else could he find such a good boss?!!’

*(T/N: hug/hold someone’s thigh: follow and please someone powerful to gain one’s own gain and power, being one’s little follower.)

After Shao ZhiWen met Wang YinCheng, he felt like his whole person was a bit strange, feelings like fidgety and excitement taking over his brain. After he got in the car, he found that Wang YinCheng did not sit on the back seat, but put his laptop on the back seat and sat in the front passenger seat. Shao ZhiWen suddenly thought again; it couldn’t be that he picked up the wrong person? ‘Is this really the right one? The person who will be in charge of the finance section that Lao Liu told about?’

Shao ZhiWen started the car and secretly took a glance at Wang YinCheng. He was not looking at the rear view mirror at all, and naturally he did not find a car coming behind their car at a normal speed.

When the two cars collided, Shao ZhiWen was as if he just woke up from a dream. The first reaction was to lie on the steering wheel and die. Later, when he realized this was not a serious car crash, he slowly got up and unfastened his seat belt in pain and prepared to get off.

Wang YinCheng felt funny. He felt that Shao ZhiWen had been absent-minded from the time they first met. He didn’t know what he was thinking about. When he reversed the car, he actually made it directly collide with the car coming behind, and he decisively lay on the steering wheel after that.

“What are you thinking?” Wang YinCheng couldn’t help but grinned and he also unfastened his seat belt.


Neither Liu Heng nor Zhou Yi’an had expected that. They still hadn’t left the parking lot, yet unexpectedly collided with a van.

And, when they collided, that van was actually reversing!

Liu Heng frowned, his hands on the steering wheel didn’t move. Zhou Yi’an unfastened his seat belt and said, “It’s okay. I’ll go take a look. It must be a beginner who just started driving.”

However, as soon as he got out of the car and looked up, Zhou Yi’an and Wang YinCheng had a face-to-face meeting. The two stood almost face to face with only a few meters apart.

Zhou Yi’an froze, because he didn’t expect that Wang YinCheng would be in the van that collided with their car.

Wang YinCheng also froze, he too didn’t expect to encounter Zhou Yi’an again at this time, but he didn’t have much expression on his face. He just turned to look at Shao ZhiWen and see what he would do.

Zhou Yi’an also didn’t speak, and turned his eyes to Shao ZhiWen.

Shao ZhiWen drove the company’s van. He used to drive this van frequently whenever they had interviews without making any mistakes. He had never had any accident. Today, he didn’t know what kind of luck he had hit, and he bumped into an Audi directly.

He’s dead now.

Although the cars just bumped only for a few seconds, that’s Audi! Okay, Audi!!! He may not be able to afford to buy it even if he worked for 30 years!

Shao ZhiWen looked at the place where the two cars collided, and bowed his head silently. Wang YinCheng knew that maybe, Shao ZhiWen had never had a car accident before. Even if he had been in one, he may never have had an accident with such an expensive car. He turned around and looked at Zhou Yi’an indifferently: “How would you like us to compensate?”

Zhou Yi’an forced to suppress the anxiety that came out of his heart, and then calmly said, “Forget it. It wasn’t hit that seriously.” Then, he turned back and got into the car.


Shao ZhiWen was still immersed in the sorrow of “I crashed a famous car and I’m going to go bankrupt.” Suddenly, the owner of the car said it was all right. When he heard that, he raised his head and his eyes were sparkling. He hurriedly turned around and got into the car. He also urged Wang Yin, saying: “Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go quickly! Just in case before he regrets it. Or else, I’ll be over!”

Wang YinCheng was amused by Shao ZhiWen’s childish behavior, and got into the car. He didn’t think running into Zhou Yi’an was that much of a big deal. China is so big. Zhou Yi’an was originally from the H city. It didn’t matter even if they came across. Whatever had happened in the past, they were now living their own lives. There wouldn’t be any meaning or effect between the two even if they meet again. To be honest, right now in his heart, “Zhou Yi’an”, the meaning of those three words was just an ‘ex-boyfriend’, an ex-boyfriend who was the lowest and the worst scumbag.

After that Audi left, Shao ZhiWen didn’t dare to be abstracted anymore. He didn’t dare to peep at Wang YinCheng anymore and drived quietly and carefully all the way, for he had the fear that there would be another Mercedes-Benz waiting for him on the highway.

Shao ZhiWen drove drastically. Wang YinCheng turned on his laptop to read emails. Sure enough, the ending that he had just sent to the editor had already been read and there was a reply email from the editor.

【Brother Yin: The first thing I want to say is that you, the dead scum, finally sent me the ending! Secondly, I’ve read the ending... I’m really gonna spray my old blood all over your face*, you just wait!!!!!!! I know you’re in H City now. You wait! I’m flying to H City now and let you sleep forever!!!!! 

To be honest, although the slag gong** is the worst scum, our entire editorial office agrees that HE is more psychologically acceptable for the readers.】

Wang YinCheng raised an eyebrow. This email wasn’t that long, and what the editor wanted to say was actually the last sentence.

Wang YinCheng replied to the email with only a few words.

【This is the only ending. I won’t change any of it. You take care of it yourself.】

*(T/N: an expression for someone who is feeling angry or frustrated)
** (Gong - top, Shou - bottom)


*T/N: ‘Dousha’ (豆沙) literally means ‘sweetened red bean paste’, which usually is a filling for Chinese steamed buns. Here, it became the baby’s and the novel’s name. 

I personally think that is because both Wang YinCheng and Dousha have a red mole on their face which is between the eyebrows. (Well, it will be mentioned later.)

In Chinese, the red mole can be called 朱砂痣,: read ZhuShaZhi. So, ZhuSha kinda sounds like Dousha and hence (I think), Dousha became the cute nickname for our cute baby.

朱砂  - cinnabar, 痣 - mole, birthmark, beauty mark

<<‘Dousha Bao  豆沙包  = Red Bean Paste Bun’>>

‘Bao 包’ also means “cute little baby”.

So, the title ‘Dousha Bao’ could also be translated as ‘Cute Baby Dousha’.

Well, it just all my theory I came up with because I find the name interesting. ^^

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