Dousha Bao – Chapter 001

Chapter 01

[Summary] Six years ago, in order to repay his lover’s debt, Wang YinCheng gave birth to a child through surrogacy.

Six years later, when he flew to H City alone for work, he accidentally met his former lover at the airport. The man was now not only living a beautiful life, but also had a tall, handsome and rich president boyfriend.

However, what Wang YinCheng did not expect was that the six-year-old son of that indifferent president actually resembled him very closely.


After Wang YinCheng got out of the plane, he took out his mobile phone and made a call to Lao Liu1. After the call was connected, the person on the other side made a loud and long sigh: “Thank Heavens! You did not run away halfway and there was no plane crash. Finally you’ve arrived!”

Wang YinCheng’s luggage only had a laptop computer. 

“Arrived. Rest assured. I’ve already promised you. I won’t run away after that.”

Lao Liu shouted at the other end: “If you dare to stand me up, I’ll chop you!!!”

Wang YinCheng smiled lightly and, together with the flow of the crowd, he walked towards the exit.

This was the first day of his arrival in H City. The bright sunshine, warm and charming atmosphere was giving him the typical Jiangnan feel. Lao Liu said he had arranged someone to pick him up, and also arranged a temporary place for him to stay. He was extremely attentive and sincere because he feared that Wang YinCheng would regret it after he arrived.

Lao Liu was the editor-in-chief of the local financial newspaper in H City. He went to the same school as Wang YinCheng. When Wang YinCheng was a third-year undergraduate student, Lao Liu had already graduated from graduate school. The two were following the same teacher and they were like-minded in their majors, so they were extraordinarily close.

After graduation, Lao Liu started working in H City, but Wang YinCheng did not finish university. He had been a freelancer since he dropped out of university, making a living by writing novels and columns. In the last two years, he began to write reviews for films, TV plays, and financial magazines. He was quite famous in their circle. Lao Liu had always appreciated Wang YinCheng’s talents. He just became the editor-in-chief recently and wanted Wang YinCheng to take charge of the financial column section.

The voices at the airport were a bit noisy. Lao Liu’s voice came loudly from the phone: “Hey, ChengZi2, please wait a bit, Xiao Shao3, who was sent to pick you up, just went out. You don’t know the traffic in H City. Its congestion is much worse than the toilets at our old school. Please wait a bit longer at the airport. “

Wang YinCheng replied while walking, “I’m not in a hurry. I’m free today anyway.”


After the call was ended, Wang YinCheng found a seat in the airport café and ordered something to drink. Then, he took out his laptop. Currently, he had several tasks that were coming due in just a few days. But, he had not finished even one. All his editors began to bombard him with calls and messages, which was why he did not turn on his phone nor use his QQ4.

While waiting for the computer to turn on, Wang YinCheng took a sip of coffee and adjusted his condition.

Actually, he did not delay the articles intentionally, it was just that he was not in good condition recently, and every time he opened his computer trying to type something, his mind went blank. He himself was used to it, because, around this part of time every year, he would get restless, his thoughts always flew far away, and he was not in the state to work at all.

After his laptop turned on, he logged in to his QQ, several messages popped up at once.

Editor A:【You have only three days! !! !! !! !! !! By the deadline, if you still haven’t managed half a word! I will fly directly to your side to sleep with you!!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! 】

Editor B:【 Scissors are prepared, make a choice, should I cut the sausage first or cut the egg first? 】

Editor C: 【(╯ ‵ □ ′) ╯︵┻━┻ (╯ ‵ □ ′) ╯︵┻━┻ (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ I want to deduct your bonus~ deduct your bonus~  deduct your bonus~~~ Yamete!5 Brother Ying, you can’t do this to me. I have a sixty-year-old mother and a three-year-old child to support. If your article is not ready, the chief editor will deduct my bonus this month too! Yamete a~ Yamete! ......】

The remaining few messages, Wang Yin did not even dare to open, he closed the chat window decisively, and then updated a new QQ status —— I will surely ‘burn’ the completed reviews to you all.  PS: I am working hard. When the deadline arrives, I will definitely send them to you all on that day.

*[E/Note: In China, people would burn paper money to the dead]

After updating the status, Wang YinCheng decisively logged out his QQ.

There were only a few tasks in his hand, such as novels, reviews for films and TV plays, and financial magazines. As for the novel, he had almost finished writing it, but the final chapter had been dragged on for a long time. The editor in charge of the novel had already lost her enthusiasm. She said: ‘Whether you love to write or not, if you don’t write, you are defrauding! Anyway, the ones who get defrauded are the readers. So, in the end, the one they scold will be you anyway! Or, you want me to say ‘Great god, I’m begging you to write it faster’? Do you need to be so entangled just for writing an ending? The ones at a loss are the readers!!! Not you! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ~~’

In fact, he had already written the final chapter of the novel, but it had two endings, HE and BE.6 The manuscript had been lying quietly in the folder of his computer, and no one had read it except himself. He had thought about whether to show the manuscript to the editor and let her decide, but in the end it was delayed again and again. He always knew that the choice was in his own hands, and no one else could help him make the choice.

It was about his own experience, a relationship of four years that ended in a breakup.

Most of his readers were young girls in their twenties, with beautiful fantasies about same-sex love. They kept an eye on the novel column every week. There were even endless noises over the forum. Be it about the storyline, be it about the characterization, there were long comments one after another and a bunch of plot and character analyses. Many people were looking forward to reading the final chapter, but also did not want the story to end. But when the time really arrived, the one who could not decide and hesitate about the ending turned out to be the author himself.

 As a result, there were questions about the authenticity of the story and whether its delay was to promote the novel and it began to get louder and more intense on the forum.

Wang YinCheng admitted that he was timid when he finished writing the last word. He recalled how he passed those four years all the time when he was writing the novel. When he was writing, he thought he should be numb and would not feel anything about it. Just after he finished writing, he only realized that he had spent that long time in that relationship but the result in the end was: he was really hurt. He was truly hurt but unlike most people, he was also very calm about his own despair.

Wang YinCheng put up the files of both endings together, and tapped his finger on the table, thinking about which ending should be sent to the editor.

At that time, the waiter at the café came to serve the dish of French fries. Wang YinCheng glanced sideways at the waiter and said thank you.


However, when his eyes turned back, his gaze fell outside the café, just outside the glass door, he saw a familiar face vaguely.

The man was wearing a white shirt and suit pants with his jacket on his arm and his other hand resting on the handle of the luggage. He stood outside the floor-to-ceiling window of the café, facing the doorway, looking down at his raised hand to check the time, as if waiting for someone. Then, that man pulled the luggage, pushed the door and entered the café while watching the time.

Wang YinCheng quickly turned his eyes to the computer screen, and he was a bit surprised, not because he came across that person here, but because he did not feel anything the slightest when he saw that person again.

 Really did not feel anything at all?

The café waiter shouted at that time: “Welcome.” Wang YinCheng knew that the man had come in. He did not know whether that person saw him, but he did not care about that problem.

He raised his arm, smiled at himself, and finally opened the folder, then sent the final chapter of BE to the editor. He then deleted the final chapter of HE without hesitation.

Sometimes the choice comes suddenly, nevertheless it has nothing to do with emotion. Wang YinCheng was that kind of person. He lost his parents when he was really young, and had an unpleasant emotional experience when he became an adult. Therefore, compared with boys of the same age, he was precocious and indifferent. He was not a man who could express his emotions. Even if so many things would happen later, he would still endure it himself, would never show his emotions and be sentimental.

After he had suffered and survived a lot of hardships, his daily life was just a common occurrence. Such a man, no one could expect him to have too much nostalgia for a bad relationship.

He had fallen in love, immersed in love, distressed, regretted and despaired, and then…, in the end, everything just came to an end, and he was still alive.


Wang YinCheng sent the final chapter of the novel to the editor by email, turned off the computer, and he was ready to leave. He did not know if that man saw him or not, but he did not care. He just did not think it was necessary to stay with that kind of scum in the same room, and he also did not want to disgust himself.

And now he finally knew why the hump in the ending of the novel could not be overcome. It was not because of the relationship itself, it was rather because of an extravagant hope in his heart.

It turned out that he was still hoping for love, so could not help but give it a happy ending? Maybe when he decided to write this novel, he was looking forward to a completely different love in the deepest part of his heart?

Wang YinCheng picked up the things on the table, ticked his lips, smiled at himself, and got up to leave.

When he got up and was about to go out, the mobile phone rang. He lowered his head, drew out the phone from his pocket while walking out. Just at that moment, a tall man pushed the door of the café.

He raised his eyes and took a subconscious look at the man, he just saw the jet-black eyes of the man, but he was not in that man’s line of sight, and the two passed by.


When Zhou Yi’an entered the café, he saw Wang YinCheng. At first glance, he was still a little uncertain. He thought that he had lost his eyes. After all, here was H city, and B city was eighteen thousand miles away from here. But after the second look, it could be confirmed that the man sitting sideways facing the front door of the café was indeed Wang YinCheng.

His former lover!

The café waiter shouted, “Welcome.”

Zhou Yi’an nodded, pulled his luggage to find a corner seat facing Wang YinCheng’s back, and ordered a cup of coffee.

Zhou Yi’an looked up at Wang YinCheng’s back. He was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, sitting on a high chair with his back to him (Zhou Yi’an). There was a laptop in front of him. He might have not found him yet because he had been sitting quietly all this time.

Zhou Yi’an was a little uncomfortable in his heart; did not know what to call this feeling. It had been six years since the two broke up, they had never met again and they had not had any contact during that period. He left the country to study abroad after he graduated from the university. He had just returned home today. The two did not contact each other for six years, but he had learned some news about Wang YinCheng from the former circle of friends.

It was said that after he dropped out of the university, he did not go out to work in society, but lived on by writing novels, and did not go back to school again. His life was flat and calm, and it was even a little downcast.

The waiter brought Zhou Yi’an’s coffee and Zhou Yi’an recalled his attention back. He raised his hand and loosened his tie, feeling that the café was a little hot. His heart was steaming hot and felt kind of inexplicable and jittery.

He did not want to admit that this was because he met Wang YinCheng today, but he also did not want to lie to himself. After he saw Wang YinCheng, he could not convince himself to pretend he did not see Wang YinCheng and pretend nothing had happened.

The phone rang at this time, Zhou Yi’an answered it, and Liu Heng’s deep voice came from the other side: “I’m here.”

Zhou Yi’an was relieved, and the original irritation had dissipated a lot. He turned to look outside the café and said, “I’m at the airport café.”

The man on the other side of the phone said, “Okay, wait for me.”

He hung up the phone after he said that.



  1. Lao – literally ‘old’, prefix to one’s name, especially to older one, it shows a good relationship between people  
  2. *Zi – suffix to one’s name, especially to younger one, it shows a good relationship between people  
  3. Xiao –  literally ‘little’, prefix to one’s name, especially to younger one, it shows a good relationship between people
  4. QQ – a social network application in China
  5. Yamete – Japanese word, means ‘stop’ and ‘don’t’
  6. HE & BE – shorts for happy ending and bad ending


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